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  1. Thanks. I do have a HDHomerun tuner connected to it so maybe it is the EPG data. I think a cron to restart it might be a good idea.
  2. Is it normal for Plex to use up a lot of RAM the longer it's on? I've had Plex running for 5 days and it's using about 67% of my system's RAM according to the Plex dashboard and the Docker tab in Unraid. It's currently not being used for streaming or anything and the RAM usage is showing as pretty high. Normally if I restart Plex it drops the RAM usage right down to around 10-16%. I currently have 16GB of RAM in my system and I am not sure if I should add more RAM (the current load is at 89%) or if this is normal and RAM will get freed up when something else needs it.
  3. I didn't. Do I set the library key as "/config" then stop the server and change it to the location of my calibre library?
  4. I setup RDP-Calibre using a guide I found online and set my library directory to my share but my container size is now taking up 6GB. When I check my config folder inside the appdata/RDP-Calibre it's only using up about 264KB. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  5. I updated a few days ago and my OpenVPN stopped working. Reading back a few pages of this thread seems to suggest there is an issue but I noticed there is another update out now. Is this latest update meant to solve this problem or is it unrelated? Also I noticed the Support link on the container no longer works - Am I using an old container?
  6. I am getting the same thing since the last release. Not sure what is going on but a restart of the container seems to solve it temporarily.
  7. Hi there. Have people used old WD Blue drives as parity drives in Unraid? I built an Unraid server less than a year ago and I filled it with old WD Red drives I had (2* 6TB drives - 1 used as parity and 4* 4TB drives). So far it's been good but I have a spare 6TB WD Blue drive laying around (it was used previously for my Xbox One games inside a generic USB 3 enclosure). It's about 3 years old and currently unused. Can I repurpose the drive and use it as a 2nd parity and are WD Blue's OK (had many issues with WD Greens in the past when I used them inside a Drobo so worri
  8. I'm struggling to get Plex, Tvheadend and TVHProxy setup. I have an Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat plugged into my satellite feed and then plugged into my network (via Ethernet) and I can watch TV (Freesat) using the EyeTV app on my Mac and iOS devices. I then created a m3u file from the Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat website/server and fed that into my Tvheadend container (running on it's own IP). I created a new user (access it has is pretty much the same as the admin/default user) with a password and I got a long list of channels and I can watch live TV when I click on the P