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  1. nvm, found, press and hold on the title text to edit ... haha
  2. how do i change the title ya, i cannot find the option to do it >.< oh u were expecting a full recovery? i mean I'm happy i get a full recovery. maybe i stop doing anything trying to fix it and let it alone that causes a better chance of full recovery :)
  3. Hi All, rebuild completed successfully, no lost+found folder been created, no error on the rebuild also, is that mean i got a full recovery?
  4. is still rebuilding now, 8%, let hope everything is good :D ok, i will take note on that :D everyone is telling me that, but i will take your advice, i will plan out to get additional HDD and try to setup a unassigned disk to temporary use as backup. i dont plan to backup everything. also, dont think that possible :), i have put all my VVIP data in the only NAS type HDD (except for parity disk, that y there is a confusion on assign the wrong disk) for extra protection of hardware failure. today is a very good case for me to get thing backup to a separate HDD/system. lesson learned, i was in panic mode when i saw unmounted files system on my disk1, my hand literally shaking for hours. i setup UNRAID to prevent this kind of problem, yet with my own mistake i make this issue happen. i got no one else to blame but myself :( I'm printing out a hard copy of the disk assignment now and slap it on the side of the casing.
  5. anyway the lost+found folder should be under mnt/disk1 right? hope i get it correctly :) hope nothing showing up there ... :)
  6. i will, let my system rebuild 1st, then bring up my docker and vm to make sure all ok, then i will come back and set this to it correct topic so others can find and get the solution, should have not make this stupid mistake >.<
  7. ok thanks man, will look for it, dont really know how to do that, but google is there to help. i know, i was running on basic NTFS HDD in windows last time with no drive fail protection, now at least i have a parity protect with single disk failure. and yes 2nd UNRIAD server are planned to setup at a remote location to sync and duplicate my VVIP data, a daily backup will also be setup in the main server and sync across to the remote server, so technically speaking, when fully deploy, my VVIP data will have a real time copy and a daily backup, and the daily backup also have it backup. need to plan out the budget, but hey, AMD is fighting Intel now, price is dropping like crazy :) and again, u really save my life, i was in panic mode the whole day, now i feel better, much better. many many thanks :D this will be a very good case studies for anyone who make a mistake like me. can i change the topic to something related to the problem? so someone else can search with the correct keyword for the same problem.
  8. yes it work! (i know u thinking ofcos it work) u safe my life, literally, all my data of my life, my photo, doc, record all is in that disk. and my share has return :) how would i know what data is missing? or i would not know?
  9. should i do it with the parity disk in? it look like writing some data in to parity :(
  10. afrer with -L, still same, and there is some read write on the parity, did i screw up? :(
  11. using GUI, i have run the check with -n, then without any option. and now running with -L
  12. i have stop the array and change the files system to sfx. but it still show as unmounted, should i follow the xfs_repair repair 1st?