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  1. is ok, weird issue, only me cannot, i give up also, thanks for your time helping me troubleshooting and ur patience as well
  2. ok i have try 1 more time, this time i even use another SteamCMD folder, so the whole docker folder is all new after rebuild, still not working. i have my game and docker updated to the new version as well. not sure where is the problem
  3. i have not, i just rebuild the docker, delete the ark-se folder as well. will do. i just download the game 3 hour ago from steam, is up to date
  4. I'm ignoring it already. from steam i tried, now the docker cannot even fully load. some how cannot connect to steam public i run my Valheim on the similar custon Br0 without issue. and when i change it back to the custome Br0, the game server loaded properly. and i just notice this the server version and my client version not the same, was that the issue?
  5. i tried that before, still dont work, the only thing i change from default is: the IP address portion "Validate Installation:" to true "server Name" to Splinter_ARK ofcos the "Game Parameters:" to +exec autoexec.cfg this round i test using my steam version of the same also, dont work as well
  6. how do i restart SteamCMD? i have my Valheim Docker running without Issue. can c both my my docker game server, Valheim run without issue. this is my ingame error added this as well. still same issue.
  7. @ich777 this is my setting page, did i set something wrong? im my steam server i also can c, but just when connect it have error
  8. do you have this "Warning: failed to init SDL thread priority manager: SDL not found" in your log?
  9. it havent, becos i have this link of warning log, i search the forum, seem like it need the "libsdl2-2.0 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386" but i donno where to run this, i try to run on the docker console, cannot. and yes i try 7777 it say authentication error thing, using steam server also cannot. i think the "Warning: failed to init SDL thread priority manager: SDL not found" is the issue, the server was not fully up yet.
  10. i think i found the fix, but from where do i run this command?
  11. ya im using port 27015 also. i purchase the game from steam, i cannot connect also, this is odd... @_@
  12. i cannot find my server in unofficial servers, i try connect via 'open IP:PORT' also not working, i just need it to work any mean of connect also can. this is the server log.
  13. hi, i try this and it does not work, i cannot connect via my epic game i join the game using the console command open IP:27015. the server is fresh install, dont think it has any mod. did i miss anything?
  14. Hi, I have a question regarding velheim game docker server, is was OK and running with I just install the docker, but when I stop the docker and copy in my world files from my desktop, I not able to login, and keep having this log is the loop. I have the world name the same in the docker and my desktop also, all other setting is default. Anything I been missing? Anyone can help?
  15. maybe I'm, anyway thanks for the clarification ya cant wait for the v6.9 stable to be out