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  1. it had something to do with my podcasts folder as I found in the logs. I renamed the folder and I can at least get to the login screen now.
  2. I've had everything working great for months with this, now all of a sudden if i try to load the docker I get a generic "This site can’t be reached" error in the browser. I've tried force updating, and reinstalling the docker. I'm not sure what is going on ? I didn't want totally delete the image and start from scratch. Any idea what I should be looking at?
  3. I've been using this docker for a few months and it has been going well. I did run into a recent issue and after looking into it, looks like it was just fixed in a recent release of airsonic-advanced. But I don't see an update is available in the docker? When do the updates become available?
  4. right... so UFS is my only play then? in the logs is there anyway to see the command I used to see exactly what I did wrong?
  5. Here you go. One of the disks is pulled and on my desktop being scanned by UFS.
  6. I would 100% pay that and more to recover it without question. Attached are the diagnostics. Can you see in the logs what command i used? There were 2 invalid folders home and homebase. I actually was deleting home. So I'm almost positive i did rm -rf /mnt/home. I just assume that wasn't the correct command. That almost makes me hopeful if that was the correct one?
  7. I am an idiot. I've just been getting started with unraid over the past month or so. Got my server, loaded all my mess of drives I had been using, got plugins, dockers, moved emby over to it, etc. Everything was going pretty great. At one point when i setup krusader I had a weird mapping and created a folder homebase in /mnt inadvertently. It was empty, no big deal. But every few days Fix Common Problems would yell at me about it that is was an invalid directory. So i finally got around to trying to delete it, but i couldn't. Krusader wouldn't let me, due to permissions i am assuming, didn't get an errors, it just wouldn't do it. Then i did some googling and saw how you could do it via console (which i have zero experience with), but it was dangerous and to be careful. Well yah, I am an idiot. I navigated to mnt and tried to delete the folder /mnt/homebase using rm rf. and it hung for a sec and then looks like it deleted everything. So I'm guessing the syntax I used was not right. I stopped array but all my drives are empty... including the parity. none of my dockers are there, plugins tab isn't even loading. Is there any possible way to recover here, or am i totally fucked? Even if its a long process, I am up for anything, please help. Oh and fix common problems is still complaining about the folder, so i guess that is still working. 🤬
  8. ah ok, thanks for explaining that. I had other plugins giving me warnings and alerts proactively that they were out of date and there was an update available , I didn't realize dockers behaved differently. i updated it and it is working now. i will look into the autoupdate plugin.
  9. I do not. I thought that just automated the actual update process if there were updates available? On the docker page it shows its up to date and doesn't show any updates are available? Are you on a version other than 0.14.5?
  10. I posted this on the Github and the dev replied. Looks like its fixed in the new version, how/when do the dockers get updates for apps?
  11. I'm not able to get pepperplate to import properly. its in the documentation but i don't see it as available in the dropdown list. i tried using default, but it doesn't work. Anyone have success with that import?
  12. Any update on the new site? What email should we use to check out the new builds? I am looking to buy one.
  13. Are there still companies out there selling these? In the vendor section in the forum, all the content is several years old. I got a quote from greenleaf in 2011 and their site/pricing still looks the same, are they still in business?