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  1. Hello, I am a bit new to server grade gear but I wrote a bit script, where friend helped me a little bit with bash piping. This script is available from github: https://github.com/Tulikukka/Dell-R410-fan-speed-controller-script Features: Requires just ipmitool package Bash script updates fan speeds every minute based on uptime's "average" load. example code made for 2x L5640 (2x60W TPD) @ 25C ambient has excel for fan speed hex values. Colors are used to guide tweakers. Special thanks to Jamie's blog to get me started using ipmitool. Suggestions, tweaks, etc. are welcome.
  2. Cisco RJ45-DB9 (rs232, serial, console) cable is not pin compatible with Eaton / APC / Tripp-lite / et cetera. You need to make your own or buy a correct one. Sad truth is every maker makes their own version not pin compatible with others. Other important thing is that baud rate is correct, because some ups wont respond to incorrect baud (such as APC)
  3. Did you try running autodetect? And what did it show? Auto detect set up tripplite usb, I checked with laptop that windows based poweralert local works and shows all values correctly so I would assume the configuration file in nut is wrong for this? Also don't know does it makes a difference but this is 230V model.
  4. Sadly usbhid driver detects nothing and service won't even start.
  5. Hello, I am new to unRAID and its plugins and I am trying to setup one of the UPS to work with NUT v2 but I cannot get the charge % or any other data to show up. Am I doing something wrong?