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  1. I have already tested if the gpu bug is fixed with the default kernel ... nope, still not working in 6.8 RC1
  2. Hey. 6.8 RC1 is out - with lots of bug fixes. Are you going to build a kernel for this version? Best regards and thanks
  3. Some people claim that the bug was resolved with their latest bios versions. In my case it wasn't resolved with it. I have a Gigabyte Aourus x470 gaming with latest bios f42d - but the bug remained, I couldn't start a single VM with Gpu passthrough. After using the custom kernel it works. So in your case I would simply try if it works out of the box with latest bios. If it doesn't work you can still try and use the custom kernel.
  4. Today I had time to test the newest Bios which is available for my x470 gigabyte board - still the pci vfio bug bug. But then I tried your custom kernel - and with ACS Override downstream enabled - it works like a charm! Thank you so much. Seems now I depend on your custom kernels until this is fixed from unraid-side - because I don't think there will be any further changes in the bioses... So - please keep up the good work - and I hope you provide us with these versions until it is not needed anymore. Thanks again and best regards!
  5. Hi! Do I have to replace the Kernel or is it possible to rename them - and add it to the Unraid startmenu? Thanks ... never done this before, that's why I'm asking
  6. Very strange... this is exactly my setup too. Which GPU do you use for booting / unraid - before it gets assigned to a vm? Because I have to change my primary GPU in UEFi to 2nd Pcie because this is my smaller Card (1050ti) So unraid starts up with this gpu in legacy and auto starts the first vm with this assigned gpu (GPU bios was necessary) The second Gpu (first pcie) is a 1070 which I can assign freely without need for a gpu bios. This setup works perfectly with f6 hmm... I don't get it
  7. Did you alter any settings in Bios or inside Unraid ... like vm settings? Do you boot unraid in UEFI or legacy mode?
  8. Yes, after the second attempt to start the VMs - first attempt is stuck in D3
  9. I can't confirm - at least with my setup - it's a Gigabyte X470 Board and I have two Nvidia GPUs, neither is working with - I had to go back to F6
  10. I just tested it. It still doesn't work with F42a. 😭 Same problems and errors Going Back to f6 again
  11. F42a for Gigabyte with AGESA is out - rumors says that the issue with VFIO is finally fixed. Perhaps I'm able to test this tommorow
  12. F41b for Gigabyte Boards (with AGESA is out ... I'm not able to test this version until the next couple of days ... maybe someone else can test ...