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  1. Does this show my hash rate is 1.76?
  2. It’s working for me!
  3. I’m getting this exact same thing
  4. That’s what I thought. Here is the result of that.
  5. Of this screenshot, what should I put in the GPU variable?
  6. What format should the GPU ID be?
  7. I’ve already booted into non-GUI mode and the issue continues. I also removed the plug-in GPUstat in case that was causing it, but it continues as well.
  8. I had plex using it as well as the os was booted into GUI mode. I have booted the os into standard mode and removed it from plex as well. No VMs.
  9. Correct, that is how it’s setup. I did upgrade to 460.67 and I have restarted the system to apply the new driver
  10. I am having a different issue now though. Have you seen this before?
  11. I had the same issue. Try replacing repository with olehj/docker-nsfmineroc:latest
  12. Disk usage is showing the correct color bars, but the alerts for the usage do not work unless I set the threshold for each disk individually.
  13. No. I believe I asked about it in the Facebook group, but I don’t believe I opened a thread on the forum. I dropped the ball on that
  14. I kept having kernel panics with the betas. Anyone had those? Any one know if they’re resolved in stable?