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  1. I get that all the time and just ignore it. I haven’t had an issue.
  2. I have a quick question. I appologize if it has been answered as I have not gone through the 67 other pages. When I go to the url for unbalance, it has my disks listed, their total size, their free space, and the plan free space. But this is when I first get to the page before I even select a thing. Is this just a glitch or is does this point to/mean something?
  3. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but i have it up and running, how would i get the crypto off the wallet thats included?
  4. Does this show my hash rate is 1.76?
  5. That’s what I thought. Here is the result of that.
  6. Of this screenshot, what should I put in the GPU variable?
  7. I’ve already booted into non-GUI mode and the issue continues. I also removed the plug-in GPUstat in case that was causing it, but it continues as well.
  8. I had plex using it as well as the os was booted into GUI mode. I have booted the os into standard mode and removed it from plex as well. No VMs.
  9. Correct, that is how it’s setup. I did upgrade to 460.67 and I have restarted the system to apply the new driver
  10. I am having a different issue now though. Have you seen this before?
  11. I had the same issue. Try replacing repository with olehj/docker-nsfmineroc:latest