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  1. In 6.8.3 edition how do you enable https???? It seems that some options are gone from the identification tab
  2. Hello once again After a lot of installations and VM removals as well I d like to share some things I found weird I am using Unraid Ver 6.8.3 in a Dell T7600 workstation with dual zeon E5-2667 and 64GB ECC ram. I tried popOS, Linux Mint, Ubuntu (all derives from debian if I can recall). Anyway.... All Vm's made with the classic options like Q35-4.2, OVMF, Vdisk as VirtIO ans RAW and finally passing through an AMD GPU rx570/4GB Polaris (first time in the red field) I also tried Win10 VM passing through the AMD Gpu and an SSD for the installation and the only thing w
  3. Hello I ve just used the script seems to work but in the video @SpaceInvaderOne didn t mention how to find the api and user token key since he too set the value to 1 but let it there without define those keys. Where to find them? Edit... when I used a custom PopOS icon next restart total mess... couldn t start VM service nor Docker Service... multiple errors at system log. I shut it down completely and lucky me next reboot worked but all the icons got lost that the script downloaded.... Am I missing something here?
  4. Hello I d like to ask what would be the best settings to setup for a linux vm and specifically Machine: Q35-4.2 Bios : OVMF Primary vDisk Type: raw or qcow? and why Primary vDisk bus: virtio scsi or sata ? Thank you ps I have it for creation from afternoon and couldnt find somewhere to mention the best options for these settings only for windows
  5. Just had an epiphany..... I m seeing the total file size from 2 different sources each with different file system, one from the external hfs+ and the other from inside the array with xfs. So isnt correct that I m seeing different file sizes? Then again found some folders with hundreds of files inside and had exactly the same file size,...... pf........
  6. Hello Coming back again with same issue since I cant resolve the basic function of the nas to somehow correctly copy the files at first place in order to keep them safe and share them. So been trying for several days now to copy over an external hfs+ hdd to the unraid array shared folder a total amount of 1.3tb. Since the folders and files are hundreds of thousands i go folder - folder. Noticed though upon checking the total file size after copy completion that its not the same (from some kilobytes to some megs some times) Other thing I noticed is that it doesnt copy
  7. The file transfer was from disk to disk, so I don't think this is the issue here....
  8. Thank you for your thorough answer. Indeed both Linux and Mac since they are both Unix based share a lot in file structure and permissions. I managed to make the copy but today one designer noticed that (even the copy finished without errors) some or many fonts had been transferred only as a name and not actual size (zero bytes) and In-design couldn't handle the lettering inside the photos. He ll try again to copy them over the network but it s going to take at least 1 and a half day.....I don't know if that is Krusaders problem or not... but it should have pop up a warning message of the unkn
  9. I under probably an issue here with Krusader and what troubles me is this..... I have connected an external usb hdd to copy all its contents to the unraid and therefore the mac users can work from there their files. The external hdd is formated in hfs+ file system and even though i managed to copy all 394gb ok, it couldn't copy the following files/directories .DocumentRevisions-v100 --x .TemporaryItems -wr (w=write, r=read, x=?) .Trashes -xw .journal --- .journal_info_block --- (under user
  10. ....which is exactly what I did but wanted to make sure. i got confused by spaceinvader's video because when he had his mnt/cache/appdata path typed he had choices to exclude folders in the Excluded Folders: setting (folders showing app) but in my /mnt/user/appdata was empty (which seemed to me pretty weird - probably because I have no dockers installed yet only plug ins) Thank you very much for the clarification !!!!!
  11. Ok after a long read of more pro questions a noobicon one coming up but its essential to me and however i write it I can t seem to find a straight answer. At least maybe it will be useful for someone having the same (understanding probably) problem like me. So, I m in CA Backup / Restore Appdata Configuration settings and need to browse to the path of appdata share. So question follows... is mnt/user/appdata stored in flash drive or the array? because I have 2 options (having the same outcome?) either select /mnt/user/appdata or mnt/disk1/appdata (why i find same folder different
  12. Hi Second installation of unraid (both 6.6.6 ver) and trying to figure out what went differently from the first and having the above message. After let it finish with the hard disks for 1+ day I went back and through settings disabled both Vm's and Docker in order to go to network settings and change the ip /dhcp/gateway to static and so i did. After reboot i went back to re enable Docker and Vm's and noticed after installing CA plugins (irrelevant info) the message <<Docker Service Not Enabled - Only Plugins Available To Be Installed Or Manager>>. Going to docker ta
  13. Yes it seems this way but before posted as already mentioned was reading about docker images volumes and containers. All that are theoretical and in practice its always another thing. Probably with what you ve said in your mind it's like giving me the solution. is there a do this and you re ok kind of answer, because feels like I m asking in a forum for cars I have a problem with the suspension and getting an answer like read the car manual and you ll find the answer. I don t want to be offensive in any way but that s how it feels. I dont thing that I m so different as a pers
  14. Hello I m having a problem or multiple ones to be honest. So I ll try to give out as much information as I can (I tried first to read some othr posts / documentations before posting but it seems I can t find a way to solve my problem - probably due to lack of knowledge). So here it goes I installed syncthing and during the installation form I filled in the host path 2 with the path /mnt/user/ (it was empty and beneath it mentions greyed out Container Path: /sync) AppdataConfig Path-> /mnt/user/appdata/syncthing (the default one) Should I have en