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  1. I got it working by going and tweaking the Permit Root Login option. Apparently this update disables that.
  2. The upgrade worked, which is cool, but now SSH won't work with my password for root. Please advise.
  3. Awesome it copied now - thank you!
  4. Yes, .pm -rw-rw-rw- 1 nobody users 2760 Mar 30 01:59 Xiaomi.pm
  5. Just started using this, and I have my control script in my zoneminder appdata control directory, permissioned well, and it won't seem to copy to the perl area on container startup. Any advice?
  6. Unfortunately it's still refusing to play most of my collection. I'm going to try out FunkWhale instead, but thanks for the help!
  7. I migrated several services (such as mailcow) to unRAID after committing to them for years. I was able to spin everything up using docker-compose but now there's some issue with updating the containers. I'm a bit confused since updating these containers with this was never an issue: https://github.com/v2tec/watchtower I guess I could just install watchtower, but it would be nice if unRAID was just natively compatible with this.
  8. So after unsuccessfully trying this image, I spent quite a while tonight setting up a debian VM with koel from scratch. It was incredibly difficult to do, and I'm no novice when it comes to programming or webservers. I believe the missing component in this project was ffmpeg - my entire collection is FLAC, and it needs to be transcoded when played in the browser. Would it be possible to include that?
  9. OK cool I'll wait for 6.7 and check back in. Thanks!
  10. I'd like at least a current power reading on the Dashboard, and preferably a little history graph. At least people with Supermicro gear (yourself included) should be able to use it, and I think Dell might support it too..
  11. Thanks for letting me know - I set the color back to automatic so now it should be fixed. People use modes other than dark!?! 😨
  12. OK This was due to CONTEXT_PATH being set in the docker configuration. -e CONTEXT_PATH=<URL_BASE> For setting url-base in reverse proxy setups. I've now removed it completely from my container settings, and after starting back up it's now serving on the root like it used to. Thanks again for the help.
  13. That was it!!! Thanks! I don't believe it used to have a URL path like that, so some update must have changed it. There should really be a 302 or 301 redirect on the root because a blank 404 is extremely unhelpful. I appreciate the help!
  14. Yes, and I've also tried through the previously working reverse proxy. How do I crank up debug on this thing?