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  1. Manage to sort it out with union type mount if anyone ever needs it. Did someown tryed creating service account's on google workspace lateley? It seems that AutoRclone doesn't work anymore? Any new guides out there?
  2. I have 2 shared google drives that contain the same folder structure. Shuld I just make 2 identical scripts and change only rclone name? To be specific: in shared drive 1 I have media/tv/tvshow1/*.mp4 In shared drive 2 i have the same tv show under media/tv/tvshow1/*.mp4 Its the same tvshow1 in both locations, just different episodes.
  3. Well, now I feel stupid... Idk how I missed that, and how did it go off in tuesday if I have it set on mondays... Thanks a lot, mistery solved
  4. Sometime this night - morning. I created diagnostics few hours after (4-8 hours later)
  5. I have my backup once a month on mondays morning, that happend today morning, so I doubt it was that.
  6. Hi all! i have a wierd situation where all my docker containers are stopped randomly. I would say once a week, sometimes longer. I have attached my diagnostics.
  7. Yeah, I saw that, and already tryed everything, gone trough everything on that list. This isn't my first setup of wireguard on unraid, I actualy have it on few other unraid servers already with no problem. I'm positive that my port forward is working, I already have some other ports on Mikrotik router working (for Hikvision dvr). When I try to scan port 51820/UDP I can see it open-filtered, same as in my other locations where I have wireguard and port 51820 open. I tryed redoing tunel and peer countless times now for the last 7 days, and can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Is there any other version of plugin (older meybe) I can try? That's only thing I didn't try. I'm currently on 2021.05.10a.
  8. Hi people. I have a wierd problem with wireguard. I just started my 5th unraid server (and therefor 5th wireguard setup). So it's a clean unraid install, only wireguard plugin installed. I have forwarded port 51820 to my unraid server IP, and no matter what I do, I cannot access my server from outside. Looks like wireguard isn't working. When adding a peer (remote access to lan) I get popup: Peer update required List of peers wg0: peer 1 (test) wg0: peer 2 (no name) My port forwards are correct, other apps are working fine. I created openvpn on my router (Mikrotik) and it's working fine, but I would love to have wireguard as I'm using in on all my other servers. Is there something I can do, check, anything realy? I'm strugling with this for the last 5 days, eaven tryed replacing router ( I had edgerouter X, now Mikrotik) I would appritiate any help - suggestion. Thank you
  9. I have the same problem as you, did you manage to solve it? I just started my 5th unraid server, and that is 5th time setting wireguard, and 1st time I cannot configure. I have port forwarded (51820 UDP), wireguard is on, router is on Just a basic config - remote access to lan not working. It's a fresh unraind install, basicly nothing on it, only wireguard plugin.
  10. I'm not shure why and what is happening.... After my media is downloaded and radarr/sonarr moves it into place (mount_mergerfs), I can see movie without problem. But when upload script finishes uploading, that same movie dissaperes, and only after I restart server, movies are visable on the mount again. Here is my script: RcloneRemoteName="storage_crypt" RcloneMountShare="/mnt/user/mount_rclone" RcloneMountDirCacheTime="720h" LocalFilesShare="/mnt/user/mount_rclone_upload" RcloneCacheShare="/mnt/user0/mount_rclone" RcloneCacheMaxSize="400G" RcloneCacheMaxAge="336h" MergerfsMountShare="/mnt/user/mount_mergerfs" DockerStart="binhex-radarr binhex-sonarr plex" I have mounted plex, radarr, sonarr to: /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs/storage_crypt/
  11. Everything seems fine for now, thank's @Roudy Could I just create a folder inside mergerfs Downloads/completed, Downloads/incomplete for my DelugeVPN and download torrents directly in there? Not shure for what MountFolders are used for?
  12. It's running every hour. It does upload, files I'm shure, just remote server doesnt see it (mount only) One last thing about that remote server. Should I edit something in my script, or did I set it up corectly? I don't understand that bit about cache. Not shure how to disable rest of the script and leave mount only part?
  13. Nope, using jellyfin, but same thing. Actualy what I find is that my remote server isn't aware of new uploads, cannot figure out why? What I mean by that is, when main server upload's "NEW MOVIE", I cannot see that "NEW MOVIE" in remote server mount. Meybe cache? Still not shure how would my mount script should look like on remote server? I currently have this: # REQUIRED SETTINGS RcloneRemoteName="storage_crypt" # Name of rclone remote mount WITHOUT ':'. NOTE: Choose your encrypted remote for sensitive data RcloneMountShare="/mnt/user/mount_rclone" # where your rclone remote will be located without trailing slash e.g. /mnt/user/mount_rclone RcloneMountDirCacheTime="720h" # rclone dir cache time LocalFilesShare="ignore" # location of the local files and MountFolders you want to upload without trailing slash to rclone e.g. /mnt/user/local. Enter 'ignore' to disable RcloneCacheShare="/mnt/cache/mount_rclone" # location of rclone cache files without trailing slash e.g. /mnt/user0/mount_rclone RcloneCacheMaxSize="400G" # Maximum size of rclone cache RcloneCacheMaxAge="336h" # Maximum age of cache files MergerfsMountShare="ignore" # location without trailing slash e.g. /mnt/user/mount_mergerfs. Enter 'ignore' to disable DockerStart="Jellyfin-AMD-Intel-Nvidia" # list of dockers, separated by space, to start once mergerfs mount verified. Remember to disable AUTOSTART for dockers added in docker settings page
  14. I managedbto make things work on main server, radarr adding movies, upload script uploading, but second server doesn't pick up new movies, I can see only data I had uploaded before running mount script. Any idea what could it be? Also thank's for all ur help