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  1. How do you install elasticsearch for pVault? I'm not fully sure what it does, but it seems like the instillation is more complicated than a general community apps install.
  2. I think something updated last night and broke Plex for me. I was watching a show last night at 2AMPST (don't judge me) and the stream stopped suddenly. I restarted my Plex client (not the server) and started getting the message that my files don't exist. "Please check that the file exists and the necessary drive is mounted." This happens on every single file in my Plex and it shows "Unavailable" next to everything. I've verified that all my files are there and restarted the Plex server, but it was the same. I was tired and didn't feel like troubleshooting so I just went to bed.
  3. Any updates to this? It's really annoying to have the image shrink and stretch. I don't understand why it would shrink or stretch at all considering no images other than solid color would look good like that. I'd rather it be fixed and just encroach in on the center of the image. That way I could put a logo or whatever in the center, fill it with blank filler around the edges that way even when it's squeezed in, the logo is still centered. The current method is just unusable with any image unless you keep your window at the exact width that makes it look normal.
  4. I'm having this exact same problem. Having NZBGet active slows down my whole unraid system. It takes like 5 minutes to load the docker and pause NZBGet everything back to speed.
  5. I'm having trouble editing or adding profiles in Radarr. When I go to edit an existing profile or add a new one, it lets me do everything up until I hit "Save". Once I hit "Save" it just spins for a second and then nothing happens. I'm not having this issue in Sonarr. Not seeing anything in the Logs for errors and version is up to date. It's a new install, so idk if it was working before the update or not. Edit: idk if it's related, but I also can't add Trakt Lists Edit2: Testing further, I've isolated it a bit. It only happens when accessing Rad
  6. I didn’t see that one, I’ll try it out! edit: Texasdave's config worked. Is there a way round having to the /ubooquity/admin after the url? (ie. https://ubooquity.XXX.me/ubooquity/admin) not the biggest deal, but would be nice. No need to be rude... that is what I’m doing..
  7. I would prefer to use my sub domain if possible.
  8. I'm trying to resolve this error I get whenever starting up NZBget. It doesn't hinder me from functioning (from what I can tell) but I want to resolve it if possible. Could not initialize TLS, secure certificate is not configured or the cert-file was not found. Check option <SecureCert> I'm running NZBget through a reverse proxy using letsencrypt. As far as I can tell, everything is working fine there. I have two news-servers (usenetServer and UsenetFarm) both show successful when testing and both are going through SSL. I have a few downloads that are stuck
  9. Is it possible to set up a request page similar to Plex requests? I just set up users for some friends and family to access my ubooquity, but it would be nice if they could just request downloads instead of me having to do it for them. I could give them access to my mylar reverse proxy... but I'd rather not..
  10. I've edited my /nginx/site-confs/default file with: location /ubooquity { proxy_pass; include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; } and checked my ubooquity admin page to ensure the reverse proxy prefix is set to ubooquity as well as restarted letsencrypt. I'm not currently getting any error from letsencrypt, but I can't access https://ubooquity.mydomain.me or https://mydomain.me/ubooquity what step am I missing here? edit: ...I just realized (as I was guessing around) that it's set to XXXX.duckdns.org/ubooquity/