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  1. Hi folks, I've run the extended SMART test and posted the diagnostic zip results from Tools -Diagnostic.
  2. I went into the self-test section, downloaded and attached the SMART report for this particular drive. It would be amazing if folks with the know-how can read it properly. For context, pre-COVID times, the server got a light knock (foot grazed the chassis in passing by a relative) and a few hours later it this drive was spitting SMART warnings. I opened it up at the time and reseated all SATA/power cables at both ends that same week. Chalked it up to a temporary lapse of connection. Year or so passes, array health checks pass, but I get additional warnings at random sprinkled in between the months (I live remotely from server nowadays, thanks to COVID).
  3. Hi folks, hopefully this will be a quick one to answer. I'm using UNRAID 6.8.3. I've been hesitant to upgrade the OS because I feel the need to replace a parity drive throwing SMART errors (see attached screenshot) with an exact replacement. My question is whether replacing a parity drive differs from the instructions for a standard data drive? There is a "parity swap" procedure guide online, but it seems only relevant when replacing:
  4. Hi Folks, I randomly have SMART errors cropping up within the same week for both drives. 8 counts of Reallocated sectors on the 1st drive a number of days ago. This morning I've spotted the 2nd parity drive has one UDMA CRC error. I haven't enough experience to assess this properly, but from a bit of Googling, UDMA CRC's are a temporary lapse, usually caused by loose or faulty cables? However the reallocated sectors error is more cause for concern as the machine has essentially decided these sectors are not usuable to reliably write data to? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi folks, Finding it quite tough to read ffmpeg guidance online, or find examples of FFMPEG piping in TVHeadEnd (under stream profile?). Can anyone provide an example of a stream profile that could... Transcoding from the original MPEG-TS container + MP2/AC3/EAC3 (audio depends on channel). Transcoding To .mp4 container with AVC x264 video and AAC audio. As far as I'm aware this is considered the most widely supported format for most HTML5 browsers, hence the ask, but not sure if possible. Big thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone have similar issues installing custom certificates? I wonder is it a case of @Djoss merging the changes into his build?
  7. I guess these missing security headers are something for the Ombi dev to sort rather than
  8. Not sure if anyone has replied to this yet, but that webhostcontroller wildcard looks a bit funny. Feel like it should have a localhost/ before it. Are the configs readable in Radarr? Check if any line related to web host malformed.
  9. I'm having trouble with SSL/TLS connecting to certain indexers due to a requirement for TLS 1.2 minimum now. Supposedly, updating the Mono Version solves the intermitent issues, but I'd presume that's within the context of the Docker container?
  10. I'd love to know too. The forums are littered with a shaky past AMD Ryzen users.
  11. As the title suggests, is UNRAID a stable viable route to take nowadays as a VM environment/server OS? I understand there was a number issues regarding C-state adjustments in BIOS, servers locking up and graphics IOMMU being out of scope for a while. Is this still the case or has it improved?
  12. Mainly for the sake of completion; I googled this specific chipset and UnRAID, this was one of the first articles on Google, a post in this thread claims "Support for that chip most likely not included with unRAID" whereas this is no longer the case thanks to updates in the changelog quoted above, preventing conflicting reports. I will be building a media server soon utilizing two network adapters, one of which is a RTL8153 based USB adapter. Apologies.
  13. Support for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 based USB 2.0/3.0 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapters added in 6.0-beta13: