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  1. nope, still not working... any idea? is there an alternative way to trigger the cron job? from unraid maybe?
  2. yes, i had hoped that after the yesterday update it will start working ... but no luck.
  3. Hi ich777, the cron stop working after a few days, don´t have a clue to what happened. Is there anything i can do, manually works fine but the cron is not working.
  4. Thanks man! it's working great! have a beer, me buying.
  5. yes, but it's in 12h not 24h, tried again, same thing happens.
  6. still not working, i can see the cron on crontab and everything seems to be has it should be, but it does not start at the specified time.
  7. hi, Im having trouble with scheduling a backup with luckybackup to run every day at a specific hour, i on click cronIT !! but on "view current crontab" there is no cron there. am i doing something wrong? if i run manually works fine.
  8. thanks for the fivem docker! nice work man. i could only see the server on server list when i edited the docker instead of bridge i switched to host and it's working great so far.
  9. yes it does work i have one running on a debian host, hub docker has one but im having trouble to making it to work on unraid (im not skilled enough). If you could have peek it would be awsome.
  10. looking foward for your future releases!! can you make a gta5 fivem docker? pretty please
  11. yup app update resolved the issue. Thanks!
  12. since rc7 i can't see any docker on app or plugin page, but i can see all my vm's on both.