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  1. I just performed a downgrade and everything is back to normal ... I must have tweaked something with the key ...
  2. This is a Lexar brand key. The strangest thing is that I just realized that I never installed the new Kingston brand key purchased for this purpose. So this is the key I have been using since acquiring Unraid. How to get a new key from this fact?
  3. Hello, I run on the PRO version of UNRAID, I actually migrated to a higher capacity USB key after installation. USB stick on which the server has been running for over a year.
  4. sorry, I'm a little stressed because my server manages all my home automation installation on the VMs
  5. Good evening, I just installed the UnRaid update and I got the message "Blacklisted USB Flash GUID"
  6. j'ai trouver, il faut que le community applications soit bien configurer...
  7. Hi dsl, mais je bloque à ce point : en fait je n'ai pas ce lien... je continu à creuser
  8. Hi, cela devrait beaucoup m'aider. Je te remercie. Je test et te tiens au courant. Tu as testé toi? Je pense qu'un docker jeedom sur Unraid a vraiment du sens...
  9. Good evening, Let me explain my problem, I would like the films found in / mnt / user / Downloads / finnish / to be analyzed and renamed with the nomenclature defined in the FileBot docker. Everything works for the best in English but I would like to produce the same result in French. example: I save the Blue ray Fifty shades of Gray.mkv in / mnt / user / Downloads / finnish / FileBot analyzes this directory and copies the Fifty Shades of Gray.mkv file to "/ mnt / user / Downloads / Output /" and renames it not to "/ mnt / user / Downloads / Output / Movies / Fifty Shades of Gray (20
  10. Hello, sorry if the question has already been asked but can you tell me how to select the language in which to rename the files? Should we act directly on the AMC script or can we modify this setting in the configuration of the docker Thx
  11. Hello, Please excuse me for my English, I use a translator. I just switched to Unraid and I would like to install a docker image for my home automation installation. There exists in France, a home automation supervisor called Jeedom. I tried to install it from a terminal but I encounter a problem. Indeed, when I restart the server, the docker systematically reboots the installation. I could see on Unraid applications that there was a category "home automation". I would like to know if anyone could guide me to wear the image of Jeedom under UnRaid. There is a GITHUBS repository contai