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  1. Okay, responding to myself ^^ All up and running again after some sweating. Docker> Deleted docker.img, redownloaded the apps and bam ! VM> Corrected the XML, for some reason it changed itself (maybe it's linked to the fact i played a bit with the graphic cards in between the upgrade) And the AER error things was apparently caused by a PCIe riser from Corsair, replaced it with a ROG riser and no more errors Thank you anyway
  2. Hi there ! Yesterday i finally was abble to upgrade to 6.9.1 (from 6.8.0) and since, there's persistant errors 😢 First thing : VM Just after the upgrade, the VM Manager crashed and i was giving a "could not launch" error in VM tab > After restoring a 2days old backup of libvirt.img and a reboot, i got back the VM tab and my main system "kind of" launch "kind of" because it's slow, much more than before, and it's freezing. Sometimes i can stop/start the VM in unraid's GUI and i'm up again, sometimes it's freezing even unraid and no response at all (i have to
  3. Hi there, thanks to @doron❤️ , the problem is finally resolved, mucho thanks Doron, that was so kind to spend this amount of time trying (and succeeding!) to resolve my problem ! 🎉🎉 You're awesome !
  4. I was thinking, did you update unraid recently ? In my case, i'm on 6.8.0, and i know newer version have changed the way they handle passphrase with certains characters restrictions. I once tried to upgrade to 6.8.2 and my passphrase was not recognized anymore, so i had to downgrade to 6.8.0 for it to work again
  5. Haha, thanks ^^; It is correct, tested multiple method to change it but not one worked Will PM an exemple shortly, thank you
  6. I tried, it give me : == unraid-newenckey v0.6, made for Unraid, change encrypted volumes' unlock key. @doron == Enter current key: *************************************** *** Testing provided key against disks... disk1 (/dev/md1) disk2 (/dev/md2) disk3 (/dev/md3) (/dev/sdi1) (/dev/sdh1) cache (/dev/sdj1) disk4 (/dev/md4) ... done. Error: Key provided as current does not open any of the encrypted devices. Now exiting. Before you ask, yes i'm sure its the right passphrase, i copy it from the same source i use to start the array via WebGUI and i tested the clipboard con
  7. So, you don't rebooted your server after the encyrption and continued to use it, that's the first time you rebooted and now you cannot mount your array, is that it ? So, if you have encrypted your array, you surely set a passphrase / passkey for this encryption. I think that's what you need
  8. Hi, nope, you're the first one to reply this thread, sorry It isn't really an array passphrase problem in my case, i can log on WebGUI and start array just fine. The thing i cannot is to change the array passphrase, i read some posts that explain how to do this by passing a cmd on every device composing the array, but not a single one of this devices recognize the passphrase, even when i can start the array with it, it's just strange, i surely miss something :/. That said, is it a new install ? Is it your first one ? The password entered on boot is for "opening/accessi
  9. Hi there I'm actually on 6.8.0 and decided to upgrade to 6.8.3 during my vacations. So I read several posts on the forum to teach me how to and identified the sensitive point : My passphrase need to be changed since it contain some unsupported characters. I've launched the terminal with the cmd found on one post : root@Tower:~# lsblk | grep "crypt" | sed -r 's/[^[:alnum:]]*([[:alnum:]]*) .*/\1/' sdd1 sde1 sdj1 md1 md2 md3 And wanted to begin the process of changing, but there is the problem : root@Tower:~# cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/sdd1 Enter any exis
  10. Ok, thank you very much for your incredible support ! Belive me or not guys, that was "my" fault (so so so so so sorry😢) The culprit was found, it seems that there was an *unknow* rule set on my ISP box (i cannot access all its settings 😡) and i discovered it when i tried to set a fixed IP on ferdi-client's container. So i just changed IP and all went fine... So sorry ich777 to have spoiled so much of your time on this 😢 But, thank you so much !
  11. Hum, ok, sorry ^^ Checked Docker's gateway : Unraid network's : And Added parameter in Ferdi conf : But no success Do you see something wrong in my config ? ( is my router)
  12. Nope : # wget --2020-11-08 11:07:04-- Resolving ( failed: Temporary failure in name resolution. wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’
  13. It's saying : LATEST=5.5.0 UPDATED=2020-11-08T09:05Z Yes i have, PiHole's blocking the connection ? Will investigate ^^ Thanks Edit : No blocking from PiHole Edit2 : Just tried your Chrome's docker and all is fine
  14. Hi there ! I have a little problem with the Ferdi-client's docker : It's launching good but it's not reachable. Here's the log : ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- ---Setting umask to 000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Starting...--- ---Can't get latest version of Ferdi-Client, putting container into sleep mode!--- Session terminated, killing shell... ...killed. ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod:
  15. Hello En effet, tu as bien cliqué sur "Apply" puis "Done" ? Avec çà, si tu fais une recherche sur Jeedom dans les apps, tu devrais voir l'option : Et en cliquant dessus, tu as accès à tous les dockers Jeedom Ce n'est pas le cas ?