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  1. ok i see.. but unfortunately not in the "pop out window" in top right corner anymroe
  2. the bigger problem for me is the new non colored syslog in unraid 6.10... is it possible to get the old one with clearly colored lines ?
  3. my proFTPd configuration only have access to mnt/user.. so when i will an UD folder to be available to proFTPd i have to mount it in user folder.. it works fine except the restart thing.. but otherwise its not a big deal for me cause i only restart for new major updates every few months
  4. pls bring back the colored syslog in unRAID 6.10. It was much clearer than the new black/white console looking version
  5. its little complicated. Its for my proFTPd.. ive mounted a UD folder to be available over my FTP. Actually after restart the server i have to rename one share, after that im able to mount my UD HDD then i rename the share back to its original name
  6. I need to mount Unassigned Devices completely before mounting the shares (on server startup) hows that possible ?
  7. Is it possible to live change download speed limit by command line ?
  8. with Unraid 6.10 now i have the Problem in my Win 10 VM: Nvidia Code 43... GTX 1650 never had this problem with 6.9.2 or older versions update: i tried old Q35-4.2 and it works!
  9. Ja korrekt, aber bin gerade dabei ein Update zu basteln, allerdigns macht der docker-service bei mir gerade probleme, der Download des Updates gign auch nur mit etwa 30kbps von statten
  10. Success! App '896660' already up to date. ---Prepare Server--- ---BepInEx for Valheim enabled!--- ---BepInEx for Valheim Version Check--- --- ---BepInEx v5.4.901 up-to-date--- ---Server ready--- ---Starting Backup daemon--- ---Start Server--- ---with BepInEx for Valheim--- --- ---Update Check for Valheim enabled, running automatically every 60 minutes.--- everything seems ok.. bit its still 148 update: now it has updated via autoupdate...
  11. Valheim Server update? client version 150 and server still has 148
  12. should i only actiavate udp and no tcp forwarding ? Cause with only udp it also dont work
  13. Valheim Server dosnt apear in server others list, the can only connect via ip. Whats wrong?