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  1. A couple of questions... Is the Dynamix 'Auto Fan Control' plugin detecting HDD temps or CPU temps to control the fan speed? Does Dymanix 'System Temp' plugin have any bearing on the 'Auto Fan Control' plugin settings?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I will not waste your valuable time as I fixed the issue using your older posts. Thank you again. I did some research and found that when I initailly setup the second device I had not correctly formatted it (btrfs) and it sat in the pool not being used for over 9 months thinking it was all working fine and dandy, I since found spare 500gb ssd and decided to not to have it sitting around so added it to the cache pool. When adding the third device I only then noticed that the second device had no activity. only because the third device showed activity. I think the problem was, although the device showed a format of btrfs it may not have completed the format proceedure or i stopped prematurely...anyway it was not correctly formated. To fix it I stopped the array, removed the device from the pool and reformated it (leaving it alone until completed) to match the other drives. Making sure it was not mounted in the unassigned devices list, I added it back to the cache pool and started the array again. I checked the cache pool size and it was displaying 750gb which looked ok to me. I then checked the cache to see if it started to balance automatically and it had as Raid1.
  3. Is there any reason why my 'Cache 2' device of a 3 device cache pool does not show read/writes activity? Not sure if this is part of the read/write issue, but the BTRFS Balance Status is Data/System & Metadata are all Raid 1. Apologise if I have posted in the wrong location...I'm a noob.
  4. Unraid rocks! Upgraded to 6.8.0 with no real dramatic issues. Only thing I found was when reinstalling 'UnRaid Nividia' for GPU pass through the plugin is not listing the latest nvidia drivers for 6.8.0, however I selected 6.8.0rc9 and this driver seems to be OK.
  5. I have been using 6.7.0-rc7 since release and I only had a couple issues that I put down as 1. being a nooby to unraid 2. being rc7 or my system, and 3. These issues are minor. The issues I had with rc7 were... 1. The unRaid GUI would hang for an unknown reason to me. My fix...log out, log in, this would often resolve it, but worst case I would reboot to fix the hang. What I mean by hang is the GUI seemed to respond changing menus etc but changing settings etc and selecting apply would not do anything. Once again not sure if becasue of using rc7 or my system. 2. Plex, not wanting to start or not wanting to display the Plex GUI correctly. My fix...stop the docker, log out, log in, and re-enable docker again, then Plex would display correctly. 3. Plex does not seem to work correctly if the majority of the drive array have spun down. Plex seems to be sluggish if not stop if the array is spun down. Once the array is spun up Plex runs like a charm. I have now within 10min of this post updated to 6.7.0 stable and so far (with a quick check) all my plugins and dockers are working fine, but will be looking out for the minor issues as mentioned above if they occur over the next week or so. Still loving unRaid!!!
  6. Thanks. I'm no longer on a 30 day trial, purchased license yesterday as the the system is up and stable with dockers installed and not giving me any grief. I'm kicking myself...as I should have installed unRAID at the time FreeNAS Corral disaster 2 years ago as I do recall looking for other NAS OS's. Oh well hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  7. KillerNAS

    FreeNAS Migrant

    I'm a FreeNAS migrant and a complete noob to unRAID but now I'm convinced. I have been a keen supporter of FreeNAS for 5 years. Went through the trouble of learning the ins and outs of FreeNAS versions 9, 10 and 11. It worked well for me in this time, obviously some troubles with jail updates and permissions at times etc, but I got by and each time I had trouble with the update I toyed with the idea of unRAID and have done so for about a year or so, but I just did not have the courage to migrate to it...until last weekend whilst trying to update Plex and Transmission...what a hassle and more of a joke. I tried everything. serveral new installs, adjusting permissions, moving data from the NAS, wiping drives and starting fresh...finaly I thought I had it working...alas no, what I had working stopped, so I thought to myself FI! Time to migrate...half the jobs done anyway with having all the data stored off the machine. unRAID to the rescue! First problem I incountered...wrtiting the boot data to the USB...the several (3x) large (64mb) USB drives I had did not work, constant problem was on booting into unRAID there was no LAN connection....5-10min reading and found that USB compatiblity was or is or seems to be an issue, so I used the cheapest 8mb one, some no name brand I had and it nooted up with LAN first pop (actually 4th pop). Sweet. Second problem I encounted....oh that's right there was none. I followed some tubers instructional video to setup unRIAD along with reading the manual, installed Plex and Transmission and it all works. I then decided to transfer files from USB backup to the arrany using Unassigned devices and Krusader. All files transfered in a day, parity check has been done and the system flash boot is backed up and all is humming along beautifully. Hardware I use for unRAID (previously FreeNAS)... M/B: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. - Z170M-PLUS CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz Memory: 16 GB Cache Drive: 1x 120GB SSD Drives: 8x 3tb HDD @ 5400 (two drives being used for parity) Currently the system is only on a trail key but I'm convinced and will be purchasing license once the trail key gets closer to timing out. It could not be any easier!