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  1. I’ve been using unraid now for almost 7-8 months. I like how you can take common pc components and make it into a powerful NAS. I would like snapshotting of docker containers and vms. This way we can revert if anything breaks.
  2. THIS!! Worked perfectly! Thank you so much.
  3. So....... I upgraded to 6.8.0-rc9 to test it out. I have a MSI Tomahawk B450Max motherboard and it seems that the NIC isn't picking up DHCP. It autoconfigures to Furthermore, the connectivity light on my switch is off for the port it's plugged into. Basically it seems the driver(s) for the NIC are not loading. How can I either fix this or revert back to the older version? /edit The LAN chipset is: Realtek® 8111H Gigabit LAN controller Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to say that Tom from Support was GREAT!! Problem solved and now my array is fully functional. It's just clearing the drives as we speak! Turns out the issue was on their backend. I had a key which was replaced with a new USB Key and the serial wasn't transferred over to the new UUID. All is well now and balance has been restored to the universe Bravo UNRAID team.
  5. Or Intel. Their SSD's are good for this case.
  6. Just wanted to update that there's no key in sight. Is there a LimeTech employee that monitors these forums?
  7. Yeah that whole Google Compute Engine being down could be a cause. Sucks that it HAD to happen at the exact time I was buying the upgrade key
  8. Fantastic news!!! Can't wait for that to happen
  9. Oh and I also got the paypal confirmation e-mail.
  10. The only e-mail I got was a thank you for the purchase e-mail. It should have been followed by another e-mail with the key. Just like when I purchased basic. So 1 email came through but 2nd is AWOL It's not super critical but it would be nice if I got it some time today.
  11. Try ZeroTier. I use it exclusively and it's absolutely fantastic. The only "downside" is that all computers in the ZeroTier network have to have the client installed. Not a biggie.
  12. I did it via the normal web page. I checked out via Paypal as I usually do and got the confirmation e-mail for payment. But no key in sight
  13. I wish they had a "control panel" where you can administer your own keys.