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  1. I'm using the linuxserver version of this and I'm having trouble getting it to accept the command line arguments. I've found the and tried running: python --delete-collections But it doesn't accept the --delete-collections and behaves the same as when I run: python Edit: Found a work around by installing it into a linux vm and running it from there. I had a huge amount of collections that had been erroneously created repeatedly ( eg. 40+ best of 2019, 2018 etc. ) that would have been a rfeal pain to delete manually. Further Edit as actually that just helped me figure out what was the real problem: Okay, actually PMM makes it difficult to figure out how the delete collections command works. It actually tells it to delete the collections just before it refreshes them. So as it is hard coded to run at scheduled times it won't delete them immediately. To get around this I combined -r with -dc so it would delete the collections then rebuild them immediately after sending the command.
  2. Just found this thread through google and doing that worked for me on Firefox.
  3. I was hoping that would, from your comment obviously not. In which case I need some from @limetech to help me diagnose it.
  4. Fixed everything except the booting issue, which might be fixed by a parity check. I removed all my passed through devices from the VMs and from the bind devices dialogue, rebooted, disabled PCIe ACS override, rebooted, this time there were no conflicts so I rebound everything I needed, rebooted, reenabled everything in the VM edit screen and the VMs booted perfectly.
  5. It boots with the array stopped but I can start it manually.
  6. By disabling my USB passthrough and passing through USB devices individually I got my Linux VM working. This isn't a long term solution unfortunately as I need to be able to plug and unplug devices. Still getting the issue with it booting with the array stopped. I have included the latest diagnostics.
  7. Lots of varied issues after my Linux VM froze. Now when I try to reboot it boots with the array stopped. When I boot the Linux VM it gets to the graphical login screen but the keyboard and mouse don't respond. ( if I boot to the console the keyboard works but when I reboot it gets stuck at the tiano core screen) Windows is even worse, it just shows the tiano core screen and freezes. I've included a couple of diagnostics.
  8. I have had my USB key accidentally get wiped. Unfortunately my last back up was before I added a drive, which has a lot of new data on it now. The web front end seems insistent that my drive will be wiped, but obviously I would like to avoid that.
  9. Hi everyone, My Plex docker is shutting down every night at 3am and I'm scratching my head as there's nothing I can find in my Plex settings that would appear to be causing it. I was wondering if anyone could help me find the cause. Here's the relevant part of the Plex logs:
  10. My container seems to be told to shut down every night at 3am. Any ideas where this might be coming from and how I can prevent this?
  11. Don't know where it will take me, I installed the leaked DEV version and I just used the insider program menu in settings to add it to the dev channel. I'll see what happens over the next couple of days to see if it gets updated to match up with the insider release. I am wondering if the leaked build was coded to ignore TPM requirements if it detected it was being installed on a QEMU platform. However from what I've gleaned MS seem to be pushing people to upgrade Windows 10 installations to Windows 11 rather than offering a Windows 11 insider program ISO. hopefully @limetech will be working behind the scenes to let us know if / how they'll be supporting TPM going forward. Bearing in mind I can't find anything on Level 1 tech's vfio forum I wouldn't expect anything quickly.
  12. That version doesn't require TMP going forward from the build that will be released next week it will be required: