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  1. Don't know where it will take me, I installed the leaked DEV version and I just used the insider program menu in settings to add it to the dev channel. I'll see what happens over the next couple of days to see if it gets updated to match up with the insider release. I am wondering if the leaked build was coded to ignore TPM requirements if it detected it was being installed on a QEMU platform. However from what I've gleaned MS seem to be pushing people to upgrade Windows 10 installations to Windows 11 rather than offering a Windows 11 insider program ISO. ho
  2. That version doesn't require TMP going forward from the build that will be released next week it will be required:
  3. I want to pass an environment variable to the Komga docker to limit it's memory usage: JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Xmx2g The relevant variable page is here for komga: Sadly I haven't been able to understand how to use the following part to enter this and google is failing me. Unfortunately this part is TBD in the manual:
  4. Sorry, I restarted the array and the drive showed. I didn't realise that the device menu display would not change. Data is back with the drive being emulated and it's rebuilding from parity. Thank you very much for your support.
  5. Tried checking and it still isn't mountable. Repeated with - L and still unmountable.
  6. The disk wasn't unmountable until after I followed the instruction linked in my original post from the wiki, just as disabled. I followed the instructions from the wiki: The last part that I bolded I didn't get to do, as soon as I started the array it only offered me the choice to format or rebuild parity, so I chose rebuild parity.
  7. I followed the instructions here: Unfortunately they did not result in the expected results, using krusader the drive has disappeared and my screen looks like this: What will happen when the finishes.
  8. I'm quite comfortable making http server pages available using SWAG but now I've set up a SFTP server that I want to make available via a duckdns domain. Does anyone have any hints as to how I might achieve this. Cheers
  9. That's exactly the way the bug manifested in spaceinvaderone's 5700XT review unfortunately.
  10. Thought of a solution, I used the vfio boot setting to make one of the ethernet ports available for passthrough. As a result UNRAID doesn't see it at boot.
  11. Picture of the error and diagnostic information included.