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  1. Unfortunately that's the drive that failed and is being emulated. Can I still repair it if it's being emulated?
  2. tower-diagnostics-20200618-2155.zip
  3. Had a hard drive failure and currently this folder is being emulated. Unfortunately the contents of the folder have disappeared. When I try and delete the folder I get the following error:
  4. I haven't used parsec, just know a few people who recommend it.
  5. You need Windows 10 preview for that functionality: https://rcpmag.com/articles/2020/06/11/windows-10-amd-machines-now-support-nested-virtualization.aspx
  6. Thank you very much for your response. It helped me out a lot.
  7. So another hard drive has failed and I don't want to make any mistakes. It isn't showing up as emulated, but I can still see the data in krusader. What steps should I take next? tower-diagnostics-20200607-0848.zip
  8. I was extremely stressed as I needed to be able to get my vm running for work. Just to list the issues: UnRAID didn't emulate a drive when it was removed. When I tried to rebuild the array it started rebuilding the drive as empty.... Then hard locked in the middle of the rebuild process. The hard lock somehow resulted in the ip address unraid was using to change. It also resulted in my acs settings being reset on the USB. End result 4 hours of sleep before work and 7tb of data lost. Yes I was overly dramatic but it's been extremely stressful and I'm upset that a product I paid for failed to do what I bought it to do. It's also unsettling knowing that none of my data is actually protected and that I've been championing a product that can't be relied on.
  9. your shitty os has turned my life into a nightmare. i think i'm going to kill myself
  10. now it's failing to pass though myn usb cintrollers this is a fucking shit show. i've got to work tomorrow using this machine and literally everything is broken
  11. Saw your message into support and was obviously concerned. When a drive fails, Unraid can emulate the contents. Questions: It failed to do this. When the first drive failed, did Unraid automatically mark it as such with a red X? Then did you stop the array, remove the drive that failed, then replace it with this new disk? And after replacing it, did the rebuild operation ever complete our did it start throwing out errors immediately? It was failing according to smart data so I pulled it out and restarted believing that it would be emulated. It wasn't emulated and the parity corrupted losing all data on the drive. It also would be helpful to see diagnostics from your system so we can analyze it to see what went wrong. It's been rebooted multiple times ( the server randomly grabbed a different IP after crashing during a failed attempt to stop the array ) You should be able to start the array with no disk assigned to the slot that is having problems and be able to emulate the contents there. NO, it started without emulating the missing drive and started chagning the parity to reflect having 5 drives immediately killing my data. Is slot 6 the drive slot that we are talking about? What happens if you stop the array and unassigned the disk and start the array again? Yes.... That's exactly what I did, it decided I only had 5 drives and changed the parity drive accordingly loosing all my data. You may need to start the array in maintenance mode with no disk assigned to that slot and then run a file system repair on that disk. You can do this by clicking the disk slot on the main tab. yeah tried that, I'm completely fucked. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, YOUR PRODUCT IS A SCAM
  12. Fixed. In the process of shitting the bed it picked up a new ip address. I'll be moving away from unraid ASAP. This is not an OSyou can trust your data to.
  13. Simple as it sounds. The whole thing is fucked. I cannot access the machine at all. Just get a Web page unavailable error when I try to go to the ip address of the machine.
  14. Even better..... I thought I'd wait out the rebuild but it decided to hard lock my machine. Now I can't even get into the webgui when I hard reboot. Anyone reading this.... And it'll be a few days from anyone from limetech bothers according to their Web form. Stay away. Your data isn't safe.