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  1. Am I overlooking a setting somewhere, or is there no setting to adjust how frequently the pings are done? Would love to increase the frequency to check smaller bits of packet loss and latency.
  2. Did ICMP ever issue ever get resolved? I am seeing the Not Permitted message and my install defaulted to the --user 99:100 advanced config.
  3. jaj08


    +1 Something I never really considered until we were all stuck in quarantine, but I can see where this would be useful vs Zoom's 40 minute limitation on free accounts.
  4. I just replaced my UPS and I am running into the problem of not getting all the stats. I followed the instructions to enable modbus, but within NUT, that is not an option to use that as a device type. Has anyone got this working with NUT? I have 2 unraid servers so I need NUT so the 2 servers can talk with the one UPS.
  5. Same here, just updated today and now my Plexpass version is broke with same message. My non plexpass deployment shows fully up to date and is not failing.
  6. Anyone ever have this seem to eat its configuration? At first I was theorizing that the problem happened during my nightly appdata backup, but I had it happen again with no backup scheduled. What is happening is I am randomly going to login to the web interface, and it starts acting like its a new configuration and starts prompting to name my server and such. If I go and recover my appdata folder from a few days previous I can get things back up and running and the syncs start again. This has happened multiple times, on both of my unraid servers that I am syncing between.
  7. Yeah I update the containers whenever prompted. I manage a total of 4 unRAID + Crashplan environments. Looks like 3 of the 4 are all stuck on 4.8.0
  8. I just noticed I am running 4.8.0 as well... I saw where my environment auto upgraded in july to 4.8.3... But for some reason my environment now shows that its running 4.8.0. No clue when or what would have caused the downgrade. No new errors, or auto upgrade attempts have been made since.
  9. I'm sure it won't change a thing, but you never know if enough people provide feedback so I emailed Crashplan some feedback. Specifically I asked for them to consider a Home Lite solution that allows for peer-to-peer backups. If I could keep the peer-to-peer feature I would be much happier as I took advantage of the feature a lot and loved the encryption and such used so i could trust storing the data on servers I didn't directly manage. I was actually in progress of building a large unraid server that I was going to store at my parents house and Crashplan was going to be big part in my plans to duplicate/backup data from my unraid server. Worst part is my service had just renewed, I really want to wash my hands of this right away at this point now that I know it can not be my long term solution.
  10. Look at "Additional settings" - "Password policy" and uncheck the enforcement options. Wow, a quick and easy fix. I swear I had tried multiple passwords, but I guess Nextcloud not giving a message as to why it was failing led me down the path of thinking I was experiencing the problem others had reported. Thanks
  11. Unable to create new users, found a bug post that seems similar, https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/2734 But no clues on how to fix, anyone else ran into this? I saw several people report that time discrepancies can be the cause. I glanced around and while the Nextcloud docker is running GMT, and everything else CST, the actual time is correct for the time zone. Could the GMT/CST be at play? Or is this just some sort of other bug going on?
  12. And it worked on the rest, have 3 environments, personal, small business, and small business testing.
  13. Just worked for me on one of my instances, now to move on to my others.
  14. jaj08


    Looking forward to someone putting this together. Currently an Owncloud user, but seems like following the main developer over to his new project is probably the smarter move.
  15. I installed the power down plugin and open files plugin, so the next time this happens perhaps the open files will help me track something down. Assuming it doesn't just lock up the interface again. I suppose for now I sit and wait until the next time this problem happens.