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  1. Hey binhex, I am running into this error when trying to initiate file backups from my windows machine. I will note that after initial setup it DID start a file backup, but I adjusted some client side settings, since I really only wanted to start with personal files rather than my entire drive. Any help would be appreciated. Should I reinstall at this point? DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup/post_incr_filebackup DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup/post_full_filebackup Edit: It seems to have kicked off a full image backup, but is still doing the full disk. I will have to do some digging to understand this a bit better.
  2. Hey There, No worries -- totally understand how life goes. It's not super pressing, as by now I have a massive back catalog to keep me entertained anyways. (thanks to your wonderful dockers of course) Glad to hear I haven't muffed anything obvious this time around -- that being said I am still pretty new to Unraid, Dockers, and the likes. Building off of that I am not really familiar or aware of what some of those terms mean, or what they do -- so I would venture to say no(/I don't think so?) I do have Sonarr and Radarr running the qBittorrentVPN (also from you) -- but I didn't see anywhere that allowed NZBGet to also run through the proxy, so that shouldn't be the case there. One thing I MAY try to dig into, but not sure if it will send me down the right path...Per suggestion of another comment attempting to solve the woeful "infinite unpacking" or unpacking getting stuck, I did set up a user script to run every 2 hours that restarts NZBGet...That being said I want to personally take a closer look at the time intervals between these errors in the log and see if maybe it is corresponding to those restarts? And maybe it is only a temporary flag each time NZBGet restarts? I can work on trying to confirm this tonight, but would love to provide any other possible info to help resolve. Thanks again for the great repos and your advice! Edit: after a quick look it unfortunately seems to be happening about every 20 minutes in Radarr leading me to believe its not associated with the scripted restarts.
  3. No problem, appreciate the support. Let me know if there is anything further I can provide once you have reviewed these.
  4. Trying here since I haven't seen any movement in the Radarr thread. Hey Again, I always seem to be bumping into some error or another and can't quite get to 100%. Lately I have been gettting this error in both Radarr and Sonarr. When I "Test" NZBGet it says its working fine, and both Radarr and Sonarr are sending NZBs to NZBGet, but apparently having trouble seeing the queue and history. Radarr: Sonarr: Any help would be greatly appreciated. If logs are helpful I can drop the rest in.
  5. Hey Again, I always seem to be bumping into some error or another and can't quite get to 100%. Lately I have been gettting this error in both Radarr and Sonarr. When I "Test" NZBGet it says its working fine, and both Radarr and Sonarr are sending NZBs to NZBGet, but apparently having trouble seeing the queue and history. Radarr: Sonarr: Any help would be greatly appreciated. If logs are helpful I can drop the rest in.
  6. Hey Squid -- you will see in my edit above I was able to get it all sorted. I think I just had a bit of a brain lapse. Thank you again to everyone who was able to help.
  7. That was an (apparently a pointless) effort to dive deeper into the folder sub-system thinking that was the issue at first. Radarr was not setup that way and was still throwing the error. I removed /completed/ from Sonarr as well and it still throws that error. I'll go through and re-adjust everything once more and run some tests. Will keep you updated. Edit: Sorry everyone for my idiocy -- we seem to be up and running now. I appreciate each of you that took the time to help me work through this. @trurl thanks I actually added an edit to one of my posts noting that my issue was the minimum free setting. That one was solved as well.
  8. Shore did -- but I guess I am not seeing in my own settings where there is an inconsistency in where it is directing the downloads to live. I went ahead and added a new "Downloads Path" to each NZBGet, Sonarr, and Radarr anyways -- using /downloads as the container path and mnt/user/Downloads/ as the host path
  9. Can you be more specific? I am not seeing the inconsistency in my settings.
  10. Hey -- think I pulled the correct info -- let me know if I am looking in the right spot. As a note I completely disabled torrents through Sonarr and Radarr in my attempt to fix this. Sonarr: Radarr (which seems to be running smooth after full reinstall): NZBGet Edit as a note: I have been getting this notification in Radarr after the reinstall though, so maybe it is an issue with NZBGet instead? It is still certainly sending the report to the download Queue which is interesting. Edit 2: I should add that Sonarr seems to still be sending requests to NZBGet just fine and is actually keeping up to date on all of my shows, even through last night. Appears to only struggle accessing and moving them once complete. I just pushed a few downloads through Radarr and I am curious to see if it moves them properly. Edit 3: Unfortunately still running into issues with the cache drive filling up -- luckily I caught it just now before it hit 100% and started to spam the log and crash the system. Seems Radarr and Sonarr both aren't moving the downloads off the cache once finished. Aaaannnddd Edit 4: I may have solved my cache drive issue after doing some further digging around and upping my min. cache space. Seems to be helping with that issue at the very least. If I can't figure out a fix for Sonarr I may do clean install similar to Radarr.
  11. Just a quick bump to see if there is any help for my issues at the top of this page -- hope that's OK. If bumps are not allowed I sincerely apologize.
  12. Hmm. Interesting -- but it sounds like overall you are still accomplishing your main goals of downloading/moving/loading into Plex? If you are looking for something more it may be over my head (for now ) so I will let some of the wizards here help us both
  13. Hey Jasen, I am having my own issues with something separate so I have been refreshing this page like crazy. I may be confused as to what you are trying to connect there with Plex? On my setup Sonarr/Radarr just moves the files to the same folder Plex references for it's media library, and I didn't have to setup any direct connection from Sonarr/Radarr to Plex. Is your media being sent to the same folders that your Plex media library is reading? If so you should see them autopopulate in Plex. Is there something else you are trying to accomplish aside from Plex loading the Sonarr/Radarr downloads into your media library? Edit: I personally followed SpaceInvaderOne's setup videos back when I first did mine and he also didn't add Plex to the Connections tab.
  14. I have been having one hell of a time with both Radarr and Sonarr lately after upgrading to usenet from torrents. After getting usenet all set up things were running smoothly, and downloading fast -- YAY! Well then begins the first problem. The rate at which it was downloading was causing my small Cache drive to fill up, when this happened Unraid would spam the logs saying that the cache drive was full. Once it filled the log file it started to lock up just about all services, except being able to watch Plex remotely still. When the lock-ups occured it would cause my databases in both Radarr and Sonarr to become malformed. Fun. Ok...I have done this once before, just go ahead and restore from a backup. Went OK, until it happened again. And then again. And then again. And now at this point I am getting this error message within Sonarr on everything. Hours and days of tinkering with this to figure out what the hell is going on. Tried going to a further backup. Tried editing the pathings to make sure everything was correct. Disabled torrents altogether and pointed Sonarr directly to the /Series level of the file system...No luck. It is happening with every series, every episode. I went and cleared my NZBGet History to see if that was somehow related, again no luck. Now Radarr (feel free to ignore this, I suppose I can post this specific issue over on that thread but would love if we could tackle both simultaneously) was showing the same errors, but also the specific Error that NZBDrone DB was malformed....great. Same steps. I went to the furthest backup I had and no luck. Tried uninstalling the docker and reinstalling as a last ditch effort and now the UI won't even load. Cool.... Tried to uninstall Radarr once again and deleted allllll of the appdata (probably not the best idea and I am sure someone here will let me know that.) This at least got Radarr WebUI to load. I am going to give a go at setting it back up and will see if I run into similar issues, but super glad I get to go through and re-add all of my media. At a total loss here and am just about banging my head against a wall trying to get these services that were running fairly smoothly with Torrents to now work with my upgraded services. I guess what I am looking for here is.... 1. How can I stop Unraid from spamming the logs that the cache drive is full once it gets full. My impression was that once the Cache hits a certain threshold Unraid will then start downloading directly to the Array (as I have the Downloads share set to "Yes")....but apparently that doesn't seem to be the case. Is my only solution here to get a 1TB SSD? Not the end of the world, but have some other expenses I am prioritizing right now. 2. Is there anyway to fix the Error within Sonarr without having to completely uninstall and delete the appdata like I did in Radarr? Having to start completely fresh. 3. How dumb am I for going to the lengths I did to get Radarr back up and running? Was this really my only option. I would like to avoid having to do this every couple of days as that was the whole point of me setting up these services so I could be as hands-off as possible to get my media. Edit: So after completely wiping my Radarr appdata and reinstalling I went through and bulk imported "all" of my movies. For some reason it's not picking them all up and I am missing roughly 50 movies from my media folder. Additionally it is showing about 80% of the movies as "Missing" rather than downloaded. Is this just something I have to give time? Again I am losing my mind over here trying to get this working again. Edit 2: After a manual library refresh it seems to have picked up most of the movies and listed them as Downloaded. Fingers crossed on Radarr, may do the same for Sonarr, but nervous due to the majority of my collection being Anime which I know can be finicky on Sonarr.
  15. Hey There, Maybe I am just dumb, but every time I got to rename files it says a license is required. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Edit: NVM I see your update saying a license is now required, and instructions to the old Donation version. Going to give the dono a shot before committing. Thanks for the great Docker!