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  1. I installed the File Activity plugin, but when I go to start it, it acts like it is about to start, but never does. After about 5 secs of it loading, it refreshes the screen and says it is stopped and never shows anything. Thanks for any help!
  2. Here you go...yup, no error messages or anything. WHen I click "activate" it acts like it is activating and then the screen refreshes and it says "Not activated". Thanks again!
  3. Sorry to be pain, just not super smart with linux...but I get this error when trying to run it: "cp: cannot stat '/var/log/gitflash': No such file or directory" Not sure if I have some kind of log setting off...only thing I found was the Syslog Server setting is Off for me.
  4. I can access my server now but it still shows "Flash back-up unavailable" on the my servers and in the myservers settings on my server when I click to "activate" it acts like it is working, but then says not activated. Any thoughts on how to fix that? Thanks again!
  5. Trying to get this to work....I am trying to run "unraid-api restart" as that seems to be the most common fix, and here is al lI get: root@Tower:~# unraid-api restart Found no running processes. Starting unraid-api in "production" mode. /usr/local/bin/unraid-api/build/libvirt.node: file too short and I still can't access it - says offline/not connected to the mothership. Any help is appreciated!
  6. I got unmenu started, and had to re-install all the packages I installed from unmenu - swap-file, mysql, and clean-powerdown. I am not in safe mode and all seems to be working fine. Unfortunately I did not keep my old GO file. I tried to open my new one on my windows maching, but it froze up NOTEPAD. What program can I use to open/read my GO file? SAB, SB, PLEX, and CP all installed fine following changes the GO files. It was just unmenu and all the unmenu packages that needed re-installed. Thanks for the help, I learned a lot getting this fixed.
  7. Ok that worked and have it booted up. I noticed unMenu did not start as well as MYSQL. Do I have to re-install them or just start them up again? Sorry I sound like a newb, but thanks a lot for your help so far!
  8. Hangs at the same spot trying to boot into safe mode...: unraid-swapfile[2410]: initiating unRAID swap-file. /etc/rc.d/rc.local: line 42: 1147 killed /var/tmp/go
  9. So had some issues, went to stop the array and lost all connectivity to TOWER. Had to do a hard reboot. Now when I start up my server it gets to this line: unraid-swapfile[9615]: initiating unRAID swap-file. /etc/rc.d/rc.local: line 42: 8394 killed /var/tmp/go It just sits and sits there. I have no idea what to do? Help please! I am running UNRAID 5.0.6. Also, this is the first time the server has been rebooted since installing and running MYSQL for my Kodi boxes. So it definately was not a clean shutdown.