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  1. Unfortunately it happens a lot on updates, too.
  2. Same here, happens more often when I have a power outage or push an update. Let me know if you find anything, and I'll post here if I find anything as well.
  3. I'm experiencing something odd. This container (and no others) clears its built-in config occasionally. The container settings remain, but the settings inside the app (username/password, speed limiting, and program to run when a download finishes, for example) revert to default after some (but not all!) unraid restarts. I'm sure this is me being dumb and having a setting wrong somewhere. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the help, and the work you do Yes, I'm literally running 'touch test.test', partially because I wanted to see what path the command was running from if I didn't provide it an absolute path. It used to, I believe, run from the folder of the completed torrent, because I used to use "unrar e *.rar" as the complete unrar command for when the torrent finishes and it would just work. It's stopped working recently, so this was part of my investigation as to why. I will try writing a script and calling that instead, and seeing if it helps. Thanks!
  5. I'm not trying to access from outside the container. I'm in the console for the container itself, running a find command for that file. Checking / inside the container finds no results for that file at all. I'd have expected the relative path to either be the download folder, or maybe / or something, but it just doesn't appear to be there. That tells me, I would think, that the command isn't executing at all.
  6. Having an issue with the docker running external programs after a torrent finishes downloading. I've had a suspicion for a while that it's not actually running anything at all. So today I decided to test it. I set the command it's supposed to run to be just about the simplest thing it could be touch test.test Then I triggered a torrent to download. Once it finished, I first checked the qbittorrent.log: (N) 2020-03-24T13:33:25 - Torrent: <torrent name>, running external program, command: touch test.test So qbittorrent at least believes it's running the command.
  7. Apologies if this has been answered, but I could not locate anything on this. I've seen that Unraid has the ability to automatically create and apply a letsencrypt certificate, while simultaneously making a DNS entry within their own unraid.net domain. The problem is when playing around with this feature, I have applied a cert to, and created an unraid.net DNS entry for, my local server IP. Obviously it would be much more useful to me to have this be my external IP. Is there any way for me to either: Remove the DNS Entry and certificate that have already been created,
  8. No, I get that. So the file that was getting downloaded automatically was completely empty. I've deleted all the files and had the docker re-download them. It now does appear to have content which is good (not what it was doing before) I think the server is started based on the logs. mordhau_log.txt
  9. Is that the "Game2.ini" in Mordhau/Saved/Config/LinuxServer? can you send me yours so I can look at it? Nothing was automatically generated for mine.
  10. Yep, I can see yours just fine! What do you have your container settings on?
  11. Sure, if it works for you maybe I can copy your settings, too. Since my last post, I have tried both in bridge and in host, and I've also added in my steam user/pass in case that was warranted. Still no dice. I'm sure it's me doing something wrong, I'm pretty new both to Unraid and to Docker. Yeah I do forward it to an IP on another tab not shown in the screenshots. The ports are forwarded to my Unraid server IP.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, @ich777! I didn't change anything inside, I used it as-is from the plugins installer. I'm 100% sure it's not my firewall configuration, since I can't connect locally, which doesn't go through the firewall. Windows firewall on the client-end PC is off completely. My other docker containers all work fine (Plex, for example) but with the Mordhau container, I needed to use "bridge" mode, whereas all my other containers use "host" mode, which seems to be doing some translation to an internal IP on the container. When I tried to use "host" mode on the Mordh
  13. Hi, @ich777! Thank you so much for all these game server dockers, they're incredible. I'm fairly new to Unraid and it's clear you've done a lot of work on these templates. I'm having a little trouble getting a Mordhau server up. I thought I'd done everything right, but I cannot join the server at all. It does not appear on the server browser, and I cannot connect to it directly from the console. Here's a screenshot of the running docker. I can see the server is running from the log, but I cannot connect to it. I have those ports open in my route