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  1. Question regarding getting binhex-plasspass. I currently have binhex-plex (non pass) and am considering upgrading to a plex pass account. Do I need to get the plexpass docker container and set it all up again or can I continue to use the non pass container?
  2. I forgot to update my post here after the fix was pushed out. After I created a ticket on github, I jumped on their discord to follow up on some things and the dev pushed out a final update the next day which fixed the issue. Newsletter tests, triggers, and scheduled ones all work properly.
  3. Update: I've tried the develop version; same issue. It looks like an update was pushed out last night, so Ombi is now running version 3.0.4654, but the issue is still there. Newsletter is only showing TV shows, no movies. In addition, unRAID was updated to version 6.7.2.
  4. I'm having the same problem. My newsletter was sent out this morning and only TV shows were shown; no movies or even the title for movies. During my test of the newsletter last Sunday, the tests were working, including the scheduled newsletter the next day (Monday). Today, only TV shows. I've submitted a bug report on github and the dev wants me to try the develop version since he states it fixes a lot of bugs, including plex integration.
  5. Thank you. Jackett is working now. Will keep an eye out for a fix on the latest update.