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  1. I removed a few more plugins I was testing and also reverted my go file to like it was a new install and I am back up and running. Thank you to those that replied.
  2. Did some additional searching and reading on the cannot connect to the hypervisor. Turns out the VM backup plugin I was testing is not supported anymore and when I removed that .plg from the plugins folder that went away. Still cannot login to the GUI, even in safe mode which is weird as I do not have automatic startup enabled so docker and the VM's won't start at boot. Assuming it must be another plugin now? I did wipe my thumb drive and put a fresh install on that. Boots up quickly and can login to the GUI so I know it's not the MB, processor or video card. I did not have drives connected on the fresh install, but that shouldn't matter. Any more suggestions on what to remove from my startup to get back into the GUI would be appreciated!
  3. It's still 6.10 so it's not that old. I typically wait until the bugs are sorted out of the newer versions and see a lot of "upgraded, no issue replies in the threads". Seems like 6.11 is mature now and my current version worked fine this AM until I added some drives which shouldn't break anything. But I would need to get into the GUI to upgrade to 6.11 right? I am reverting back to my prior drive config to see if that gets me back in to the GUI to make changes and sort it out. I also have done some additional searching and believe that my Zigbee and Zwave sticks that attach themselves at VM startup via the USB plugin might be part of the issue. Still need to see if that is the case.
  4. LSI in IT mode. I have had zero issues with them and years ago had two of them fully populated. With the larger drive sizes now I am down to 11ish drives.
  5. Added a few new drives to the server today to migrate my cache drive over to them as several drives in the current pool have errors. To the best of my memory here is what I changed: Original setup was all drives connected via HBA's (two of them). I moved all the spinners to the onboard SATA connections on the motherboard and moved the single connector on the 2nd HBA to the 1st HBA as the goal was to remove the 2nd one. Connected the four new SAS ssd's on on the 1st HBA for a total of 8 total drives on the one HBA (the max). Booted the system and cannot access the GUI, even in safe mode. Things I have tried: Removed the new drives, but did not move the spinners back to the HBA card. Ran check disk on the usb thumb drive. No errors. Trying to avoid "putting it back" as I need to migrate to the new drives for cache. Logs attached. Photo attached of the errors when it's done booting. tower-diagnostics-20230314-1358.zip
  6. Upgraded from 6.9.2 to 6.10.1 a few days ago. Just upgraded to 6.10.2 today. No issues with either upgrade.
  7. If you have not seen them already, check out Gridrunner's youtube channel on how to setup all things unRAID. His channel is a treasure trove of information on how to setup Docker containers and VM's along with a few videos about general setup as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  8. I had this same issue. Bungy is correct, trying a new flash drive (different brand) should get rid of the kernel panic and allow you to update.
  9. And it's back up to $199 now. I bought at $199, $179 and $159. Still all good deals.
  10. Sold the switch and a bump...
  11. 1: 5x3 IcyDock HDD Cage... Used, working condition and the fan does work. $55 (OBO) shipped Sold. 2: HP Procurve 2810-24G (J9021A) Switch - Used, comes with power cable, rack ears and console cable. $50 (OBO) + actual shipping. Sold on eBay. 3: PowerDsine 7012G POE Midspan - Used 12 port POE Midspan. Has rack ears and a power cable. $50 (OBO) + actual shipping. Open to offers and maybe some trades though I don't know what those would be. Paypal, Bitcoin or Amazon Gift cards - Located in Vancouver, WA Heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/21594/to