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  1. Upgraded from 6.9.2 to 6.10.1 a few days ago. Just upgraded to 6.10.2 today. No issues with either upgrade.
  2. If you have not seen them already, check out Gridrunner's youtube channel on how to setup all things unRAID. His channel is a treasure trove of information on how to setup Docker containers and VM's along with a few videos about general setup as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  3. I had this same issue. Bungy is correct, trying a new flash drive (different brand) should get rid of the kernel panic and allow you to update.
  4. And it's back up to $199 now. I bought at $199, $179 and $159. Still all good deals.
  5. Sold the switch and a bump...
  6. 1: 5x3 IcyDock HDD Cage... Used, working condition and the fan does work. $55 (OBO) shipped Sold. 2: HP Procurve 2810-24G (J9021A) Switch - Used, comes with power cable, rack ears and console cable. $50 (OBO) + actual shipping. Sold on eBay. 3: PowerDsine 7012G POE Midspan - Used 12 port POE Midspan. Has rack ears and a power cable. $50 (OBO) + actual shipping. Open to offers and maybe some trades though I don't know what those would be. Paypal, Bitcoin or Amazon Gift cards - Located in Vancouver, WA Heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/21594/to
  7. Upgraded from 6.2.3 with no issues. Stopped docker and Win10 VM before doing so, seemed to be faster/better than prior updates with those services running.
  8. If you know the IP address of you unRAID box you can type that into Chrome, Firefox or IE and see if it connects. Sometimes windows forgets the name of the server on the network (IE:Tower) and will not let you access the GUI that way. If you can see it via SSH, which I believe you said that you can then it it working and probably a windows issue. Which version of unRAID are you running? Some of the newer versions allow for GUI booting so you can control the box directly and not from another computer. You could use the GUI mode to see what is going on with the VM and maybe undo anything that is causing connectivity issues.
  9. Email support@lime-techology.com with your issue and wait for a reply.
  10. Docker is not enabled with a fresh install. You have to turn it on. Quit trolling. He might be referring to the isos share that does get created automagically on a fresh install. I don't use docker or VM's so I just delete the share. But he has a point, it should be up to the user to create it. It puts mine on the parity protected array. Not a huge deal but an annoyance for anyone who doesn't intend to use it. So I can see where he's coming from. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I stand corrected. I did not realize that it did this with the newer versions by default. My Apologies!
  11. If by chance you have a backup of your USB drive you can take your .key file from the config folder and put it on a new USB drive and transfer it online. https://lime-technology.com/replace-key/
  12. Docker is not enabled with a fresh install. You have to turn it on. Quit trolling.
  13. Yes and yes. It shouldn't create a HUGE file automatically. But if it auto-grows, it'll start out as ony a few bytes. Possibly 0 bytes even. That's fine. What's NOT fine, is creating a 21,5GB file without permission. Imagine what a new user like myself thinks when seeing 22GB usage on a newly formatted drive? First "WTF? I formatted it didn't I?" and then after investigating, finding a humongous file "WTF is that for??", and then finding out it's for Docker, so "WTF, if it uses that much, why is it enabled without my permission in the first place??" You see, confusion. Nothing but confusion. I know this is a Linux product, but it's also an expensive product. A would expect a little thought to go into initial setting up stuff. It shouldn't have been taken from me in the first place. I never gave it permission to do this. unRAID left a bad first impression on me, that's for sure. Not only because of this, also because of the other things I posted. Obvously you skipped over this page on the website: https://lime-technology.com/try-it/ They give you 30 days to sort out your issues with the product before you buy it. If you don't like it, you don't/didn't have to buy it.
  14. Because the VM's and Containers rely on those settings to operate properly. If you change those settings without stopping those services, they might not operate correctly after you change the network settings.
  15. Stop Docker, Delete the docker.img and the 22GB will be returned to you. Simple as that.
  16. I had a similar issue where no matter what I tried, I would get a kernel panic on boot. I tried a clean install on it and it still would not boot. Tried a *new* USB thumb drive with the backup of my flash drive and it booted up without an issue. If you have another thumb drive laying around, try putting the backup of you flash drive on it and see if it will boot. unRaid will recognize that your new flash drive does not match your key file and prompt you from there to get key if you can.
  17. IFIRC the colors indicate/are a warning tool to indicate usage of a drive or device. The "yellow" drive has slightly more available space than the other drives, hence the color. I bet if you added a 100GB to that drive it would turn red in color to warn you that it is very close to being full.
  18. Sorry for the slow reply, I was moving my server to a new case. This was the problem. In the settings it was pointed to the wrong place and was filling up the docker image. As soon as I changed it and deleted the backup, unRAID sent a notification that the image utilization was normal. Thank you for your help!!!