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  1. I am completely lost. I started getting errors with Sonarr and Radarr after my server ran a backup and update last night. I am assuming it has to do with the stuff in the recommended post but I'm not sure especially since it sounds like I should have had problems after restart/update last week... Anyway, the issues I am having: 1) binhex-delugevpn says "version: not available" 2)Sonarr give errors "Unable to communicate with deluge. Unable to write data to the transport connection: The socket has been shut down." 3)Radarr gives error "Unable to communicate with Deluge. An error occ
  2. Did you figure this out? I am having the same problem
  3. Ah, thanks for the explanation. For some reason, the only one set to 1 by default was the parity drive. Everything else was 0
  4. Thank you, though it is not clear to me what that setting does
  5. I"m, obviously, a noob at this stuff. So, yeah I don't know what that means
  6. This is what I got for my drive
  7. When I canceled the parity sync the 1st time, the speed had dropped to like 300 KB/s, it has an estimated remaining time of 40 ish days.
  8. I think this preclear is a lost cause too. It's still on the pre-read section, 21 hours later, 93%. Last time I did a preclear, the preread took 6 hours.
  9. This is what I got: Note that since yesterday, I unassigned the drive, ran the parity sync with my other parity drive just fine, and then I started a preclear of this drive to see if that got any errors too, so far no but it is still on the preread (~19 hours later, 91% done...)
  10. Now that it is about 70% done, the speed has drastically dropped again. Also, I am unable to check the results of the SMART test for the drive with errors, it is just spinning at "Last SMART test results". Guessing at this point I just need to remove the drive and just deal with one parity drive for now.
  11. How can I tell when it is done?
  12. Oh, I hit start for the SMART extended test, then it immediately said errors found, check SMART report, so that's when I downloaded the report and attached it. Thought it was done (though I was confused about how quick "extended test" was)
  13. I forgot to format the 2 drives I added (in addition to the parity drive) before I initiated that first sync. So I did the format mid sync, could that have caused the errors? If not, no idea what would have caused them nor why I am currently not getting any
  14. The issue: I'm doing a parity sync and the speed keeps dropping really low, downwards to ~1 MB/s.. EDIT: Speed is slowing even further to ~300 KB/s EDIT 2: Canceled the parity sync, the new one is running at 150 MB/s, no idea why it would have drastically changed so much Unraid version: 6.7.0 Attached is the diagnostic