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  1. I am completely lost. I started getting errors with Sonarr and Radarr after my server ran a backup and update last night. I am assuming it has to do with the stuff in the recommended post but I'm not sure especially since it sounds like I should have had problems after restart/update last week... Anyway, the issues I am having: 1) binhex-delugevpn says "version: not available" 2)Sonarr give errors "Unable to communicate with deluge. Unable to write data to the transport connection: The socket has been shut down." 3)Radarr gives error "Unable to communicate with Deluge. An error occurred while sending the request. Unable to read data from the transport connection: Connection reset by peer.: '<LAN Deluge ip>/json' 4)None of the indexers work for Sonarr or Radarr 5)NZBHydra, every indexer says "Error while communicating with indexer <indexer>. Server returned: Connection reset" (Note: honestly this stuff is so complicated and it has been a while since I've set it up. I have no idea how any of it works anymore. I am not even sure if NZBHydra is even connected to the VPN and if so where/how that was set up) I tried fixing according to the posts: I edited binhex-deluge, the line that says "VPN_INPUT_PORTS" has value: "8989, 7878" Where 8989 and 7878 are the ports for Sonarr and Radarr are on. I tried also going through sonarr and radarr and editing "settings > Download Clients > Host" and changing it to "localhost" but then when I hit "test" I get an error "Unable to connect" . Also note that if I leave it as my LAN Ip instead of localhost, it gives an error "Unable to connect to Deluge" EDIT: Looks like some how privoxy got turned off. Which, tbh, I am not 100% certain I had it on. But I followed SpaceInvdader's video in the past and it said to turn it on so I assume that is what I had. Turning it on fixed Hydra's issue and also changed the errors I get in Sonarr/Radarr. Now it gives a timeout instead of "Unable to connect to Deluge" when I test with LAN ip in the host. EDIT 2: I have now added NZBHydra's, SABnzbd's, and jackett's port to the "VPN_OUTPUT_PORTS", (so that is now equal to "8080,5076,9117"). That seems to have fixed the issue with the indexers not working with Sonarr and Radarr. Additionally inside settings -> download client, I changed the host from the 192.... ip to the 172.... ip for Deluge (but NOT for SAB, that is still the 192... address) That has caused both Sonarr and Radarr to test successful for deluge. So now the only remaining problem that I know of is the "not available" version for delugeVPN. But I mean, at the same time, I basically button mashed through this thing. I have no idea why any of that did anything or if there are other issues I am missing. I don't understand at all. EDIT 3: I read up on the FAQ more and that combined with what I got working, I think I understand now. Seems I ended up basically doing the solution given in Q27. Accessed LAN applications from something going through the VPN by adding those application ports to the VPN_OUTPUT_PORTS. I suppose I could have gotten deluge to work without changing to 172 in download clients by simply including it in the export list too. (Though I have no idea why the change to 172 worked also). I see now that I COULD have used the solution in Q26 and simply added the 192 address to ignore list under proxy. And I also didn't need to add anything to the import or output list. (And indeed, I changed to this and it works) I do still have the problem of it showing as not available for version number. Additionally, I still don't really know why hydra wasn't working when privoxy was off, I can't seem to find anything that is making it go through it. ALSO it seems to me that I don't actually have anything using the VPN proxy except the deluge itself, and I wonder if I should have more stuff going through it, like SAB and if so, how... EDIT 4: It no longer says version: not available. I dunno why, seems to have fixed during one of the restarts when I removed input and outputs in favor of using the ignore address in the proxy settings for Sonarr/Radarr solution. EDIT 5: Ah ha, and now I have found where Hydra was connected. Hidden "advanced" setting, where Proxy is set. And I've set jackett to go through it now too.
  2. Did you figure this out? I am having the same problem
  3. Ah, thanks for the explanation. For some reason, the only one set to 1 by default was the parity drive. Everything else was 0
  4. Thank you, though it is not clear to me what that setting does
  5. I"m, obviously, a noob at this stuff. So, yeah I don't know what that means
  6. This is what I got for my drive
  7. When I canceled the parity sync the 1st time, the speed had dropped to like 300 KB/s, it has an estimated remaining time of 40 ish days.
  8. I think this preclear is a lost cause too. It's still on the pre-read section, 21 hours later, 93%. Last time I did a preclear, the preread took 6 hours.
  9. This is what I got: Note that since yesterday, I unassigned the drive, ran the parity sync with my other parity drive just fine, and then I started a preclear of this drive to see if that got any errors too, so far no but it is still on the preread (~19 hours later, 91% done...)
  10. Now that it is about 70% done, the speed has drastically dropped again. Also, I am unable to check the results of the SMART test for the drive with errors, it is just spinning at "Last SMART test results". Guessing at this point I just need to remove the drive and just deal with one parity drive for now.
  11. How can I tell when it is done?
  12. Oh, I hit start for the SMART extended test, then it immediately said errors found, check SMART report, so that's when I downloaded the report and attached it. Thought it was done (though I was confused about how quick "extended test" was)
  13. I forgot to format the 2 drives I added (in addition to the parity drive) before I initiated that first sync. So I did the format mid sync, could that have caused the errors? If not, no idea what would have caused them nor why I am currently not getting any
  14. The issue: I'm doing a parity sync and the speed keeps dropping really low, downwards to ~1 MB/s.. EDIT: Speed is slowing even further to ~300 KB/s EDIT 2: Canceled the parity sync, the new one is running at 150 MB/s, no idea why it would have drastically changed so much Unraid version: 6.7.0 Attached is the diagnostic