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  1. Any news on this ? I'm on unRAID 6.12.4 and this morning my unRAID server crashed. A Reboot brings de GUI back but after bringing the Array online the server gives the PANIC error and freezes with the GUI. Some commands can be given via SSH but the zpool scrub command looks like it doesn't do anything anymore
  2. Same here 😅, was thinking this would be standard in GB but isn't. Thanks for the post !
  3. There are many things I like about Unraid, but the most would be how easy to use Unraid is and if something isn't available through the GUI you can with the terminal. One thing I like to see added to Unraid is more overview in CPU, RAM and Network live and past usage (natively in Unraid instead of a Docker) for each VM and Docker. Else would be a cluster like setup so VMs and Dockers can be (live) migrated to other Unraid hosts. PS, Snapshots would also be nice within the GUI 😉