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  1. Hi sfisher_x Not sure if you've made any progress on this but I just got this error for the first time after changing my memory to use DOCP(ASUS implementation of XMP) about a week ago. I have a very similar set up: CPU: Ryzen 3700x RAM: 4 x 16GB GSkill 3200mhz Motherboard: Asus TUF x570 plus (using BIOS 2607 14 Aug 2020) Oct 10 02:27:43 Tower kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Oct 10 02:27:43 Tower kernel: [Hardware Error]: Corrected error, no action required. Oct 10 02:27:43 Tower kernel: [Hardware Error]:
  2. Updated from 6.9.0-BETA1 to 6.9.0-BETA29, no issues with the update process and 1hr of stable uptime. I've been distracted for 6 months and haven't followed this beta series as closely as I normally would. Other than the known issues and SSD reformatting discussed in the first post are there any changes/gotcha's I need to pay attention to?
  3. Upgraded from 6.8-RC7 to 6.8.1 without issues. I was having Plex metadata issues in December, this fixed it:
  4. Edit: No issues with r7 except the macvlan issue which has been described by others. Is a linux kernel update to 5.4 planned for the 6.8 branch. As a gen 3 Ryzen user there are some useful improvements in there for me. Apologies if it has already been discussed, I tried searching without much luck. Either I failed or the parsing of '5.4' was tricky.
  5. Thanks I was coming to that conclusion but now that I've experienced your awesome supervisor scripts I can't live without binhex goodness. Do any of your vpn torrent containers support macvlan? Alternatively, if i was to fork and do my own tweaking do you think it would be a few minor IP tables changes or do you think it's a fools errand given the qbt process seems to listen on all interfaces (I'd want to expose only the webui and not the server process.)
  6. Been using Unraid and the binhex-qbittorrentvpn build for a few months now and last weekend I decided to set up vlan network for dockers, upgrade my containers to macvlan drivers & set up a reverse proxy with a local domain. After a pretty steep learning curve this is the only container I'm still struggling with so any advice would be appreciated. I can access the qbittorrent webui fine from the unraid host but not through the proxy (gateway timeout). I also cant access the qbittorrent container from other containers (radarr/sonarr) in the same docker network. I can for example