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  1. Is this still the status? That is, no way to restrict the wireguard clients' access to Unraid server services / dockers via iptables? Additionally, are you aware if there are any plans to enhance the Unraid wireguard firewall functionalities? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I tried to search but could not find a solution. I have a Wireguard server running on my Unraid Server and I have setup several "Remote tunneled access" peers. How can I achieve the following: The remote peers need to connect to the Internet via my external network connection. This works currently. The remote peers need to be restricted only to a certain IP and a port in the Unraid server (one docker image running in my Unraid Server). That is, I do not want them to be able to access the rest of my LAN or the Unraid server services. How can the above restriction be achieved? Is there a setting in Wireguard peer config to achieve this or could be done with some iptables magic in the Unraid server? Thank you very much for any help!
  3. Yes, I noticed and tried to delete the post but I was too slow. Thank you!
  4. For me the Unraid flash is sdc. The two external USB hard drives connected via UD are sda and sdb. Is there a reason to worry or do something?
  5. You shoud be able to achieve it by configuring your existing switch but you cannot do that using Unifi Controller. You need to do it via the means offered by your switch. EdgeRouter X cannot either be configured using Unifi Controller. BR, R
  6. Hi, Has this really been solved? It is still present in my system (6.9.2) and the above workarounds do not work. I can edit the smart-one.cfg file manually but manually set limits do not seem to work as already mentioned above by srirams on the 7th of May. Kinds regards, Ruato
  7. Hi, did you already figure this out and made some solution that automatically starts the client whenever the server is restarted?
  8. There are quite a lot of unhappy people regarding the firmware update:
  9. Great! This is exactly the thing I was missing with UrBackup. I already had setup a Win10 VM to backup Unraid directories. A couple of questions: - Where does it install the binaries? - Is it automatically restarted whenever the server is restarted or did you do something to enable it?
  10. I am planning to change from Binhex docker to this one in order to get the hardware transcoding with Intel Quick Sync. Are Intel 9 series iGPUs already supported (I have i5-9600K)? Or should I wait for a new stable release of Unraid with a newer version of Linux kernel?
  11. A question regarding cache pools. I have installed my dockers using a path /mnt/cache/... instead of /mnt/user/... This because of earlier instructions about preventing a data corruption issue. What measures regarding this should I take when updating from 6.8.3 or should it work without changing anything? Thank you!
  12. Hi, Do you already have an idea or have decided how will the Wireguard functionality differ from the current Wireguard plugin feature? That is, will there be an easy to use configuration view as for the plugin or..? Thank you for all your hard work!
  13. Found a solution: Add an additional path to the docker configuration. Edit the gitlab.rb confgiration. Specify the new location as the only repository location via the Gitlab web UI.