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  1. Last month when I started to evaluate unRAID for use as my home server, I set it up on an older i3-3245 with 8GB of ram system with a 10TB shucked EasyStore WD drive for parity, and an 8TB shucked EasyStore WD drive as my lone data drive. Along with those, I threw a 256GB SSD drive for cache. Everything ran great for a month so I went ahead and purchased the license and also decided to replace my existing desktop PC hardware, which allowed me to replace the older unRAID server hardware with an i7-6700 cpu and 16GB of ram. While I had the case open, I happened to have an a WD Red 3TB (about 4 years old) sitting around unused so I added it to the unRAID server. Within a few days I started getting SMART failures for that drive. Fortunately, there is no data on that drive, so I just disabled it in unRAID. I don't think it's bothering anything as is now that it's disabled but it annoys me to have a red X on my dashboard : ) I was about to physically just pull it out of the case but wanted to check here first: 1. Is that safe to do? I do not want to replace it. Eventually I'll get another 8TB drive to add but no need now as I only have about 5GB of data on my server. 2. Attached is the diagnostics. It seems from reading the forums that sometimes these SMART errors are not to be worried about? unraid-diagnostics-20190727-1317.zip
  2. unRAID Version 6.7.2 2019-06-25 I installed unRAID about a week ago and enjoy it but last night I received a notification via the Fix Common Problems app: Out Of Memory errors detected on your server Your server has run out of memory, and processes (potentially required) are being killed off. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums Link to download diagnostics: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZR7i37ZYHmGLsQlHg4B9m76pd9kApSs8xX0 System specs: i3 3245 CPU / 8GB RAM Disks: 256GB SSD Cache Samsung EVO 10TB WD Parity Drive 8TB WD Data Drive Following apps installed and working: Mariadb NextCloud PlexMediaServer qBitorrent I have one VM: OpenSuse Tumbleweed, with 3072MB allocated to it (I installed that VM last night and got this error since then, so perhaps this is the cause? I can delete it no problem as it was just to preview the distro).