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  1. I've been running two same container first one 97596.... was created through GUI. ( NOT WORKING ) second one d443b.... was created through command line. ( WORKING ) i think the problem comes from the COMMAND, the GUI created container add ubuntu at the end of the command. Why those unraid do that and how can i change this ? Is it possible for somebody if it's only me or this behaviour is the same on all unraid 6.7.2 ? Thanks
  2. if docker is stopping this would impact my other container ? Because all my other container are started and doesn't seems to be impacted, no reboot. plus when i start a new docker container all from the command line, this container is running.
  3. I've edited the template with GUI, hit apply. Then this widows shows, and nothing else. But when i try to start, still nothing. No log, even with the command "docker logs ubuntu" nothing. The only news is that now it shows Before it was showign uptime. Syslog are showing this: Really wierd. No clue what's happening. Thanks for your answer by the way
  4. Hello, i'm quite new to unraid, but know a bit how docker works. I wanted to use clean docker image so i installed the community plugin and enabled the docker hub search option. I've set my docker settings like this: Then i downloaded a ubuntu image from docker hub. What i've tried was first to use bridge for network opening port 22 on container mapping it to a custom port on the host. Then using custom br0 mapping port 22 also too custom port. And at the end setting network to none and adding extra parameters to --network br0 But none of those parameters let me start the container. When i click on start the container try to start and then stop. (here you can see up time = 1 sec) Log is totally empty. Really need help on this, as i don't know why could cause this behavior. Docker is working as my other app in bridge is working fine. But even with bridge the docker container from docker hub is not booting up. Thank you in advance for all your future advice and time. Maybe someone already experienced this behavior. Unraid 6.7.2 Basic