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Setting up plex_debrid in Unraid

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2 hours ago, mckenna654 said:

Hi All,


I'm looking for some assistance in setting up and configuring the following project on my Unraid server. I only have experience with installing dockers from the App Store and this is unfortunately not there. 




Thank you


Hey, I don't have experience with this docker container, but have at least 1 year of experiencing installing containers via Portainer container and then some via Command line / terminal / shell.   The project itself looks pretty darn intuitive, quite a few sections of steps to follow to get it up and running.   I'm going to tag a few Community Developers for their thoughts, guidance and knowledge.   @Squid @ich777 @scolcipitato @dlandon; If you guys can tag in to help @mckenna654 or know any guides, or other users / moderators / developers that can chime in, please tag them in.  Thank you :D

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8 hours ago, drumtechphoto said:

and then some via Command line / terminal / shell

There you find everything you'll need: Click

It looks like you even can set this up with a Docker plugin.


These are all assumptions because I don't know what realdebrid is and I also don't use Plex, so to speak from what I can tell from the documentation the paths should be changed like:

  • ~/rclone/config to something like /mnt/user/appdata/rclonerd/config
  • ~/rclone/cache to something like /mnt/user/appdata/rclonerd/cache
  • realdebrid:/tmp/myvolume should be something like realdebrid:/mnt/user/yourstoragelocation
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