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  1. Keep getting Error Timeout 180 Seconds SDA (0,0,0,0) Tag#Timeout Timeout SDA (0,0,0,0) Retrying .... Anyone know of the issue or Solution
  2. +1 agree also , nice feature , always building and testing different os's ,
  3. was going to say the custom tab , and use the existing pages and add a custom tab to scripts
  4. theres a note there that says >>>Note: If after this you edit the VM using the GUI editor these changes will be lost and will need to be redone. if the option was in the GUI to add that unmap option , would it help?
  5. no abt 3 times a month and also testing servers so once the standard 30gb is complete then its current long winded to keep expanding , just added another 12tb 6tb x 2 so i dont go all in i keep expanding them by 500gb until the user wishes to add more only when and only when do they really need it i will expand , my wife vm , sons vm . security system ,gaming vm/ steam os / and my remote backup linux system for when im away are only upgraded as and when it reduces the want to download and install everything online and in sight at present i just use separate scripts to expand 500g at a time , for each vm and i also do a copy prior , no screwups ever as the img gets automatically dumped into the 20TB Backup once the script runs again it removes the previous regarding reducing , thats something you have to fully understand , !! WARNING !! it theres no difference in accidentally removing and removing vm + disk . truthfully i have never gone down only expanded , yet if a feature would ever exist a double confirm is all thats needed and maybe a backup just incase . regarding the % of users 5% is not a bad amount of users considering how many use ups settings , the use of CA and installing an incorrect plugin that you dont know how to properly operate can kill a server as quickly as a negative downgrade in vm image . its a setting thats there for usefulness to some not all . its also the users operational knowledge and competency , if you dont know what you are doing and you ^^^^ it up , do users have to go without because of the few that bork their systems through no fault of their own ?
  6. Would 2FA be feasible with a new login page
  7. Having already created a script what increase and decreases the img file its easier and more productive not to turn a running vm , time lost booting . shutting down and reloading all the programs up from boot , could take 10 mins or so , a simple increase by decrease by would be so beneficial to say the least time taken 5 seconds , thats productivity ... and no down time if running servers on vms
  8. Brilliant BTW its called Thermaltake Tower 900
  9. before this gets off topic , its running under its own vm by the looks of it , as i said personally not doing it myself i have one of these
  10. Understandable but as a micro docker for logging / statistics / home automation it should be suitable
  11. I dont actually use Unraid on it at the moment but is there a RaspberryPi Icon as i know a few ppl that run it on those.