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  1. I just discovered these awesome tools and wondered if they respect hardlinks?
  2. I am running 6.10-RC4 and still have five 10TB disks that all report xfs_growfs: XFS_IOC_FSGROWFSDATA xfsctl failed: No space left on device when I run xfs_growfs /mnt/diskX Is there some way to fix this or do I need to offload the data and reformat these?
  3. I would like to know this as well. I have one 10TB drive that shows this error upon every boot. I have been following this thread closely and look forward to RC4. Thank you @JorgeB for your investigations!
  4. Looks like 6.8.0 RC's are not far away The new remote access management plugin appears to be live and testing internally as it requires `6.8.0-rc0p` <?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?> <!DOCTYPE PLUGIN [ <!ENTITY name ""> <!ENTITY launch "Settings/ManagementAccess"> <!ENTITY author "limetech"> <!ENTITY version "2019.03.07a"> <!ENTITY pluginURL ";/master/&name;.plg"> ]> <PLUGIN name="&name;" author="&author;" version="&version;" launch="&launch;" min="6.8.0-rc0p">
  5. @limetech or @jonp Would we be able to get some confirmation that this feature is in the works? I would love to have a setup with 4x 4TB HDD in a cache pool for shares, and some cache only shares like backups/photos etc (stuff that having BTRS bitrot protection is good for) 4x 1TB SSD's in another cache pool for VM's, Docker, appdata. 20x 4TB disks in an array for bulk media storage. (single parity)
  6. Awesome! This would really help with making edits to macOS VM templates
  7. @bonienl Is this something you could add in an upcoming release?
  8. Currently I have hand edited options at the end of my VM XML config, as well as a manually selected network model `<model type='vmxnet3'/>` Example: </devices> <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='one'/> <qemu:arg value='two'/> <qemu:arg value='three'/> <qemu:arg value='four'/> </qemu:commandline> </domain> Could the Template editor keep these custom edits by offering an editable field in the template to add <qemu:commandline>, and also offer a dropdown for the network card to allow selecting a model? Thank you in advanced
  9. Is there any ETA on Unraid 6.7? I am looking forward to the improvements in QEMU 3.1. Could we see Unraid 6.7 as a holiday season release??
  10. +1 to this! I would love to have a fast cache pool for my VM's and Docker, and then another cache pool for my user shares to cache to.
  11. Does anyone know how to have the Unraid GUI stop the macOS VM? I have a High Sierra VM that was created using the latest guides, but It doesn't shutdown when I try to stop it from the Unraid VM GUI.
  12. Plex updated it's transcoder code before ffmpeg v4.0 was released. I am sure the next time it is updated it will get all the stuff in v4.0
  13. That link is old and might not reflect current status. I know it's old because the second screenshot shows "Allow higher bitrate over 3G". This option was removed from recent plex server versions as it is considered obsolete now. The age of the link may or may not validate your position, but I think something more recent must be found / communicated before we take it as fact. It's now updated
  14. It is no longer configurable via environment variable, yes, but users can still use the normal advanced setting in Plex Web to change the Transcoder temporary directory