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  1. I was able to replicate your kext setup, I combined them in USBPower-ALLINONE.kext. I did map my USB probably using USBMap. I Will give you more feedback about the audio issue but its better than before but I think its related to BigSur more than USB power. When Using Catalina VM work perfect. Yes the right circumstances was USB-C Cable and maybe iPhone that support fast charing? I am not sure as I only have iPhone XS and that support Fast charing.
  2. Thanks. I was able to have the same result as you fully explained where the problem is. Yes the audio dropout I can say it slightly better now, need more testing but there is improvement. Here is the iPhone connected to the AsMedia hub. If you spot something I didn't apply correctly just let me know happy to test
  3. @ghost82 Hello I successfully updated my VM to BigSur everything went smoothly using macinbox. Had the KP but changing the network to virtio as @bjornatic suggested seem has fixed the problem. Now I have a small problem with USB audio dropouts I use ASM1142 and Scarlett 3rd Gen worked great under Catalina. I am not sure if this a general bug as I see some people mentioned in the apple discussion forum. Maybe I am missing something? related to configuring USB Power? I upload my EFI so maybe you can point me out.
  4. Did you tried to switch off the two-factor authentication, I think it has something to do with this issue. My ID *always* logs into iMessage, from any Apple, Hackintosh, VM I have ever created. I am frequently logged into iMessage from 3-4 devices at once. It just works. This account is *still* configured without "two-factor authentication".
  5. You helped me a lot with my Catalina vm with opencore, so I know for a fact that using an old Apple ID created in 2012 with all my Hackintosh including VMs without any issues with iMessage or FaceTime, but the moment I use another more recent created Apple ID in 2016, I face this problem. I think Apple introduced sort of a security update to their IDs systems that effected us.
  6. It was a silly mistake to not put the *.aml files in the custom folder in side ACPI, forgive me because I am totally noob when it comes to OC. Everything works now as intended, thank you very much I do really appreciate your time and efforts. I fixed en0 and en1 to built-in=yes. Although one of them is a PCI wireless card. I attached the new modified ioreg file+OC folder in case if you have any more suggestions. But everything work perfectly. Fixed
  7. Yes, Both of them are enabled, I added the OC folder as you requested. Debug file+OC
  8. Thank you for the extended clarification and those very useful informations, I was able to apply most of your suggestions and for the first time iMacPro1,1 work without any kernel panic. 1- ACPI section: I did as you suggested and I used the SSDT-cpu.aml you provided, but I couldn't able to make x86platformplugin to load at all, I have the following CPU features: <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/> <qemu:arg value='IvyBridge,vendor=GenuineIntel,+hypervisor,-erms,+invtsc,kvm=on,+topoext,+svm,+invtsc,+fma,+mmxext,+avx,+avx2,+aes,+xsave,+xsaveopt,+ssse3,+sse4_2,+popcnt,+sse4a,+bmi1,+bmi2,+arat,+abm,+3dnowprefetch,+adx,+clflushopt,+cr8legacy,+fsgsbase,+fxsr_opt,+misalignsse,+movbe,+osvw,+pclmuldq,+pdpe1gb,+rdrand,+rdseed,+rdtscp,+sha-ni,+smap,+smep,+svm,+vme,+xgetbv1,+xsave,+xsavec,+clwb,+umip,+topoext,+perfctr-core,+amd-ssbd,+wbnoinvd'/> </qemu:commandline> I do planing to make it work because as you suggested it useful to let load AGPM, to manage the power management of the GPU. I read about this a little bit but I am a bit confused do I need SSDT.aml and run Pike's script to generate this file. because in my case I passthrough my CPUs as Ivy Bridge? I do use dual E5-2690 v4 "Broadwell" in my unraid system I passthrough all the cores expect one core for other unraid tasks. 2- DeviceProperties section: layout-id it works with <integer> I didn't touch it as use suggested. I do have a BCM94360cs2 card passthorged as PCI device for the apple store/imessage/etc. to work. 3- Kernel section (kexts): I updated Lilu, Whatevergreen and AppleALC, I add the 3 kexts you suggested AppleMCEReporterDisabler, AGPMInjector and AppleLPCInjector. All of them loaded when I check through kextstat expet AGPMInjector: I need to make the x86platformplugin load first so I can confirm if it loading or not. 4- Kernel patch: I changed the "avoid a x86 validate topology error" from 1 to 0 as you suggested. 5- UEFI section: I add HFSPlus.efi didn't know that it is necessary when I have to load the recovery partition, I add also AppleUsbKbDxe even thought my mouse and keyboard work without it before but I add it anyway. I can provide any log or debug files in case if you wanna help me to make the x86platformplugin to load.
  9. I did use opencore for the first time and I successfully made it to boot. I wonder if you can take a look at my config.plist and maybe enhance it further more for Catalina VM. there is no specific VMS guide for opencore bootloader. * I did mask the serial and other sensitive information. config.plist
  10. I’m planning to do something similar, but I’m wondering did this solution eliminate all the problems you had from crashing and the rest bug and the system lock and the random black screens while browsing through chrome?
  11. The thing about Unraid that, l didn’t even know that it exists, l was searching for something to be able to share my data through different operating systems in the same time, l read about it by someone else who mentioned it in reddit comment. I searched about it, form the day l saw how convenient Unraid is. l never look back, best money l ever invested in my life. Thanks for the efforts that Unraid team do for us. • Next year l look forward for ZFS as choice along side other file systems.
  12. Are he willing to continue with his amazing work in showing us how we can always update macOS to the latest version? thanks for everything you do for the community.
  13. Yes, just make sure to remove “drivers64UEFI/AudioDxe-64.efi”.
  14. Note that if you’re booting using a reinstalled Clover, be sure to delete Clover’s “drivers64UEFI/AudioDxe-64.efi” (it causes a hang).