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  1. But the unraid rebuild said that format is never part of rebuild. So which is it? Can I: 1 . pull the drive to put the array in degraded mode 2. format the drive to any format 3. Format to xfs encrypted using unraid. 4. start rebuild?
  2. I had an array with 3 xfs-encrypted hdd-s. I added a new hdd, but I didnt specify the filesystem so it ended up being a non encrypted filesystem. In hopes of fixing this: 1. I pulled the drive 2. replaced it with a different empty one 3. set the filesystem to xfs encrypted (didnt format). 4. started array with rebuild 5. rebuild finished 6. rebooted But it says that its unmountable. And not encrypted. how can I fix this? Where did I make a mistake? The array is in normal operation mode now
  3. I managed to fix it, the problem was that I skipped the initial clear command, after clearing the controller. it showed up on p20 sas2flash.efi.
  4. having hard time getting my LSI 9220-i8 card detected on my GIGABYTE z370m d3h with sas2flash.efi p20 p15 p14,. sas2flsh.exe just gives me the PAL error. I tried both PCIE ports on my mobo, It shows up in unraid
  5. having hard time getting my LSI 9220-i8 card detected on my GIGABYTE z370m d3h with sas2flash.efi p20. sas2flsh.exe just gives me the PAL error. I tried both PCIE ports on my mobo, I have been following this guide the card is detected in unraid: [1000:0073] 06:00.0 RAID bus controller: Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID SAS 2008 [Falcon] (rev 03) I also tried p15 and p14 sas2flash.efi
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    Kubernetes (Docker)

    I am also interested
  7. <Data> <Volume> <HostDir>/mnt/user/appdata/RSSTT</HostDir> <ContainerDir>/config</ContainerDir> <Mode>rw</Mode> </Volume> </Data> I have this bit in my template but it does not appear when I try to add the app. (has been there for 4 months).
  8. thanks I will do that, if you have a chance can you star the docker hub repo.
  9. can you try adding a mounted config folder and reproduce the problem? -v /path/to/host/config:/config
  10. I can look into this, can you share your docker run command that you get after adding the container?
  11. I cant find this option, but to make sure I made a new container with a new config location and adjusted the config in swag, restarted swagger. I get the https login page on the subdomain, upon login I end up with the same error page.
  12. Removing the block rebooting SWAG, I get even less access. I get to the login page. After login I am greeted with
  13. thanks I tried that also. Same result I can resolve home assistant over nginx, but all the service calls fail.
  14. I have multiple services running behind a reverse nginx proxy. But I am having issues with home assistant. The UI loads but the calls don't get forwarded and error out Failed to call service homeassistant/turn_off. Unable to find service light/turn_off I am running on Unraid. This is the nginx config. The site loads but gives errors when I try to turn on lights. # make sure that your dns has a cname set for homeassistant and that your homeassistant container is not using a base url server { listen 443 ssl;
  15. This is a small inconsistency in the UI. The dashboard docker dropdown includes the "Logs". The same dropdown in the Docker tab misses the Logs part, (as it at the end of the docker line as a separate button) Its just a small UI inconsistency but it tricks me every day.
  16. +1 I would love to have this. Otherwise I might have to run a virtualisation OS and use that to run unraid
  17. if you preset new like it should give you the newest submissions without the stickies. By default it uses top afaik. Does this work for you? @m0ngr31
  18. Hey! sure I will look what I can do about it!
  19. Overview: Support for Docker image RSSTT in the bokker/ repo. Application: RSS-To-Telegram - Docker Hub: GitHub: PS: Icon was made in PS under 10 minutes
  20. How would I test out if my XML works as intended without submitting? Also how would I submit it? Where do I host the XML? Much of this information is hard to find as the documentation is scattered across multiple threads in multiple categories. Would be so much better if this info would be hosted in the plugin itself on its own page, "How to publish".
  21. I have had the same issue, but I solved it by enabling windows time sync on startup. services->windows time->automatic
  22. If anyone is using the USB Hot Plug for VM's with no passthrough, the modified version, the ignore list items need to have the lsusb device ids, not device names!
  23. Same issue, some shares connect some dont. its really frustrating. Tried [default] port445=both signing_required=no smb_neg=normal in /etc/nsmb.conf on my mac and rebooting. didnt help