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  1. Right? I'm still waiting for an updated version. In the mean time I can barely stream from Plex while adding new content to the server or running a backup from my PC or something. I must say the folks on this forum have been really helpful when I'm having minor problems but this is a major issue and we don't even have a specific date for a fix besides Soon^TM.
  2. holy cow i feel so dumb i forgot i set that. i'm so sorry and thank you!
  3. thanks and yes i checked share settings it's set to include all, exclude none. unraid-diagnostics-20190927-1607.zip
  4. ok any more ideas? i need to resolve this issue. thanks
  5. I have it set to place files on the drive with the most free space, so I'm not sure why it's not putting files on disk7. I did copy the 13.2GB of files that are on this disk using the command line from a disk that was having issues before removing the disk that had issues - perhaps that's got something to do with it? Not sure. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Yeah, I mean sure Unraid is cheap compared to enterprise software, but there are plenty of other great products that are free or cheaper. I don't think price is a worthy reason to ignore such a major, easily reproducible bug. I spent $130 on this thing and for it to perform so abysmally is frustrating. I never had ANY performance or any other issues with DrivePool and it's waaaay cheaper. I am glad I switched to Unraid because it delivers the additional features I needed (easy parity, web UI, etc) but DrivePool just worked. Perfectly. 100% of the time. And it's $30. Saying it's OK for Unraid to have this issue without any word from the developers on an ETA for resolution is like saying it's OK if my 2010 Ford Escape gets limited to 5mph while driving 65mph randomly just because it cost less than a brand new Escape. No, it's not, and in fact Ford had a massive recall related to prematurely failing electronic throttle bodies because they would go into limp mode on the highway which is a major safety and functionality issue.
  7. Yeah, I'm wondering when an update will be available to resolve this issue.
  8. I seem to have a similar issue. I only started using Unraid at 6.7.2 and I don't want to downgrade to an older version but I don't think hardware is my issue because my server was performing fine using Windows Storage Spaces on Server19 and Stablebit DrivePool on Win7 (the two previous things I was using before switching to Unraid). That said, my server is an i3-2105 with 4GB RAM. I'm using 14 devices, 6x connected to the onboard Intel SATA controller and 8x connected to two 4-port Marvell 88se9230 controllers. When I'm doing heavy writes to the array, reads are interrupted. If I'm adding episodes to the Unraid NAS even a Plex single stream from the same Unraid NAS (even if it's coming from a separate drive) becomes problematic and buffers excessively. As long as I'm writing to my SSD cache it's fine but once the cache is full the read performance goes bye-bye. My Plex server is a separate physical server, it's not running on my Unraid NAS. My Unraid NAS has no dockers or anything.
  9. OK Thanks if there really is no solution I will just ignore the alerts. I only see them when I log in to the web admin anyway since I don't have email alerts or anything set up.
  10. OK, so how can I disable smart monitoring for this attribute then I knew I should have bought Kingston A400 instead of Crucial BX500
  11. Right, I have Unraid's temp monitoring set up to 65C but it's the actual SMART monitoring that's the issue...
  12. I have four Crucial BX500 SSDs in RAID0 as a cache drive on my 6.7.2 Unraid server. These drives are known to report high temps after some heavy usage, even when SSD temperature is actually safe and the SSD is receiving sufficient cooling since there is no heatsinking or thermal pads between the controller and the plastic SSD chassis. This causes all sorts of SMART alerts and makes Unraid think the drive is overheating. How can I disable SMART alerts for my four SSDs? Thanks.
  13. Well, ended up using Windows Server 2019 since I could not get this to work...