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  1. I’m not sure what happened but my Plex docker takes for ever to load metadata. I mean like only loads 3 movies data in 1-2 minutes. With all the stuff I have it would take weeks at that speed. If I load Plex in a VM it works with no issues. Only when I run it in a docker is it slow loading data. If I add my local movie folder with 645ish movies in it. It almost instantly shows the 645 movies then, When it starts adding the movie data it is extremely slow. I have reloaded unraid from scratch, I have tried different Plex dockers , running it in cache or with out. Running it on its own ssd. Not
  2. So I can't figure out what I have done wrong or what has changed. I started having issues with my plex being slow , taking a while to skip forward or back or load shows. So I setup a test plex on my gaming machine and it works fine. Loads metadata super fast. On the Docker if I add a new folder it will find all the movies fast and when it goes to start loading the metadata it taking around 1-2 minutes to get 2-3 movies. It would take a month to load my movies/tv shows. I even made a VM on the unraid server and loaded plex on it and it runs fine and loads metadata fine. My unraid server is a du
  3. Just signed up today.. About to go down this rabbit hole.. Just built a new Dual Xeon plex server. Going to try this out and see how it runs. Happy Birthday.