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  1. I resolved my issue. I was over-complicating the container and host paths. I just mirrored the mappings for all 3 applications and simply used /data/ to map to /mnt/user/Storage/ and then each application had the necessary access to the sub folders within that.
  2. Good morning, I am new to Unraid and Dockers in general and recently setup a new server and moved all of my storage over. I currently have the following configuration/setup. Dell R720XD 2xE5-2670v2 CPU 128GB RAM H310 IT Mode 4x8TB WD White Labels (3 + 1 Parity) 2 x 256GB Intel SSD (Cache) 1 x 800GB Intel NVME PCI SSD (VMs & Dockers) My media all exists on /mnt/user/Storage my cache is on /mnt/cache and my NVME is on /mnt/disks/NVME - this all seems to be working well. I have installed the Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, Jacket, and QBitTorrent containers and have each of them up and functional. My issue appears to be the container paths and permissions to get them all talking to one another correctly. Below is a screenshot of my container paths. I want all of my Downloads to go to /mnt/user/Storage/Downloads and then to sub folders of radarr and tv-sonarr respectively. I would then like those two apps to pick them up, rename them, and move them to /mnt/user/Storage/Movies and /mnt/user/Storage/TV Shows respectively and then trigger an email through my Exchange server and update Plex. In QBT should I have the downloads going to just /downloads or do I need to specify /mnt/user/Storage/Downloads? No matter which I set it to neither Sonarr or Radarr can access or find the file(s) upon completion with the message "Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr" I just switched over from Hyper-V where I had everything pretty much running under Windows/Ubuntu VM's and everything was working well there. Any help would be appreciated thanks!