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  1. Thx will remove it for now.. let's see what it does.
  2. I've tried the "next" release with 6.12 and it seemed to not be updated enough to fix the issue. Officially crashed 5 minutes ago.. I wasn't even connected.. so yeh didn't fix it
  3. Small update, I removed WinFSP and stopped the Virtio service from starting and the VM survived the night for a change. So knock on wood
  4. I can't officially say I'm having the exact same problems (they sound very similar, I had virtiofs and just removed the mount, the drivers and winfsp are still present) and fairly new in joining this conversation. But do you mean by "peg all CPU cores" that I don't pin them? I have 8 cores pinned. It crashes fairly frequent, but infrequent enough to really pinpoint when. It can be mid minecraft session that I just have to force close the VM or I can play for hours. Here's my config: (note I've made quite a few changes already, so it's not 100% accurate to when the crashing started. So chances are you see things that I already messed with) I don't like posting such a big XML, suggestions to snip it? Or should I just make a pastebin/file?
  5. Is there a way to fully upgrade qemu/libvirt in unraid? Like with the above method to use some go script to replace the links? I know too little of linux to do this comfortably. Some step by step guide would be appreciated. (or some install script?) I'm having random win11 crashes myself I'm assuming related to this (even tho I've disabled the use of virtiofs). Would be nice to be update on the go and see if it fixes the issues.
  6. Hi there, I've been fighting permission issues on Virtio-FS. They seem to react very weird when the system user does stuff. Example here would be: I like to move my downloads to another drive. So I use the "set location" feature in the properties of the downloads "favorites" (so file explorer, that favorites area -> downloads -> properties). Now it moves the folder but if I look at it's permissions on the unraid side it's set to up 550, which doesn't seem right. Esp when there's subfolders it just gives me the message "permission denied" while creating the subfolders (on windows side). Similar happens if I already make the folder myself. When I do that it creates the folder with 770. When I "set location" it removes permissions and set it to 550. This however doesn't seem to be the case for when I manually make folders/subfolders. This just get's the permissions 770... so what's going wrong here? The client is a Windows 11 machine with nothing special during install.
  7. Hey Goobaroo, I was curious if you could add FTB Skies to your scripts? (also did you ever made those scripts public? I'd be curious to be able to get the packs myself in stead of having to ask you each time )
  8. Sorry for ressurecting this thread but you seem to know things You say core 0 free for unraid is that really fully it and still valid in 2023? I've been keeping core 0 (and it's HT) and core 1 (+HT) free.. so that is even overkill? (I have an EPYC 7282) like what would it influence if looking at it from a bottleneck point of view? (say core 0 +ht is overloaded what would I start to see?)
  9. Yeah it seems that it completely ignores the available devices as I mentioned earlier. I tried with some games now. It feels like it actually uses 0 rendering through the gpu according to nvidia-smi.. I think 2 things: if you specify a gpu and not "all" it craps up and the fact you need "privileged" enabled it bypasses the visible devices and just exposes all. I think in some way it gets confused and doesn't assign the gpu properly due to this. I could be completely wrong ofc, but that's my observation
  10. Hey @Josh.5, first off.. awesome project this is perfect for a gaming system for my kid.. he got a chromebook from santa and I was looking for a system to have him still play proper games.. But that leads me to the problems I'm having: I know it's not really made for it yet I'm still trying to make it work... minecraft.. specifically modded. I got to a point where I am using flatpak to install PolyMC, with that I can command line start an instance and even connecting to a server which seems to work even in Steam (I can just add an external game and boom it's there) ... Just it's so extremely slow.. it's got a beefy machine available, 6 cores with 6 HTs (it's an Epyc 7282), all the ram in the world (128Gb), a 1660Ti and it's on a NVME disk... so I can't imagine it's the machine.. could it be that docker's IO just doesn't like the amount of loading Modded Minecraft does? (tho a server runs fine, which I'd imagine has the same IO available to it) Help me Josh-i-one-kenobi.. you're my only hope. Oh and an issue I'm having is: It seems to ignore "NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES" I have 2 graphics cards in my server but only gave 1 card access to the docker (with the guid and all on capabilities) yet steam / minecraft seems to still recognize there's 2
  11. Hey @Goobaroo first off: I love your work and been using it for a while. Just curious on what the status is on the DW20 1.19 server? Would love to add it to my collection
  12. thx I was writing on my phone so missed the top will read now
  13. holy potato haha well I tried it before with a docker-compose and it basicallly ate up my machine and I couldn't even watch movies anymore
  14. Question about ARK. Say I want to setup a cluster... is that possible with this? I can imagine running a multitude of dockers with ARK would be painful. Do you have a suggestion to make a cluster for ARK on unraid?
  15. Hey there, love your work a lot, saves me a lot of effort getting a server going I just have a feature request... can you add a console to the server? Like perhaps an rcon client like ? Would be so much easier to manage minor stuff. Like I like adding a whitelist.