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  1. Has anyone been getting "ZRpc timeout detected" errors seemingly randomly in Valheim?
  2. I don't know what else could be calling it if that's what controls the autolaunch. I don't normally do much with virtualization on Unraid.
  3. I did check the box under "Correct file system errors" and scrubbed it, though I don't think that was relevant.
  4. /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img is the file that I deleted with the Settings > VM Manager. Figured that would fix it if it were calling some file that doesn't exist, but that did not. To delete it, I turned off "enable VMs" and used Settings > VM Manager to delete it and recreate it. As for "VM screen;" I'm not entirely sure what you mean. There are no "Windows 10" or "macOS Mojave" VMs anymore, and haven't been for over a year. Do you mean VM Manager?
  5. You'll likely have to use a VM for Plex hardware transcoding, as I don't believe the current Linux version Unraid is using supports the Arc GPUs.
  6. So upon trying to investigate why VM Manager wasn't relaunching, I opened the Libvirt log and see a bunch of errors and warnings. I restarted the server and I was able to see my VMs and VM Manager is working, but I still have these errors in the Libvirt logs. The Windows 10 and macOS VMs have been deleted a long time, so I'm not sure why Libvirt is trying to access them. I've also deleted the Libvirt file. There's also that last line about Input/Output error. Any ideas on a solution?
  7. Thanks, I think I've got it working, though it doesn't automount. I know I need to edit the /etc/fstab file with nano, but I'm reading different instructions from different sources. edit: after a restart/logout when I go back in and navigate to the mounted directory, it's empty, unlike the first time I mounted it.
  8. Yeah I've broken two Linux vms adding "media /mnt/users/media virtiofs 0 0" to /etc/fstab. Dunno why that's not working. Says "failed to mount /mnt/user/media" on startup. If I remove them from fstab at startup it works again. It won't let me edit the xml anymore in Unraid either. ie to add the memoryBacking or <alias name> sections. I also don't know what you mean by "NB: You must create /mnt/unraid first in the VM."
  9. I'm having nothing but problems getting this to work on Linux (I haven't tried Windows yet because of all the other requirements). When I try these commands I get a "mount point does not exist in terminal."
  10. Can we please get some official documentation on how to mount Unraid directly into Windows and Linux VMs with Virtiofs? Documentation is all over the place and I'm having to piece together info from different sources and sometimes from sources years old. Seems a shame to specifically mention it as a feature update and not tell us how to use it.
  11. That's likely a driver issue. Everything I'm seeing suggests it's like last gen AMD cards... hobbled by bad drivers. From what I can tell, ARC is not bad for 1st gen. I wouldn't advise anyone get these full size GPUs for Plex transcoding. Get one of the Arc Pros... they are Quadro competitors and have all the workstation/server features you want but in lower power.
  12. I added a fixed IP address and changed where the server files are stored as it was trying to store on my cache instead of Appdata directory on my pool. So, I should be using the IP address of the host. Do you have an example of how you're using CNAMEs and SRV to get this to work with a domain?
  13. So I've followed these settings and nothing I try allows it to connect over the local LAN. What are your settings for AMP's networking itself? Like the Default AMP IP binding, Default Application IP Binding, Docker External IP? Did you set up the container in Bridge mode?
  14. Thanks. It works with local LAN IP address. Just a thought; should I be port forwarding to the host or the IP address created in the container? I mean, I'm able to hit it on the LAN IP with that container IP address. I've always port forwarded to the host and then docker takes care of the rest.