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  1. So V2 was configured correctly for me. I ended up deleting it as I didn't care to preserve anything, and it was spinning up my disks needlessly (I actually left it off so long that it stopped working ultimately, so that's why I deleted it). However, what's happening now is that whenever I try to add a show I get an "Invalid Path" error. This didn't happen with V2, and I think it's an issue with the container paths. I assume the issue is with the /data path. Is this where it downloads files, or is it where it searches for existing media? I assumed this w
  2. Hurrah. I can confirm that the official 3.4 Supermicro BIOS for the X9 boards resolves the bifurcation issue present in the previous 2018 BIOS I was running. edit: for posterity, this applies to the X9DRi-F in my case, though many of the Supermicro motherboards share the same BIOS changes for the same generation, so give it a shot if you have an issue with an Generation 9 Supermicro board and want bifurcation to work.
  3. Yeah I read about that, and upgraded the plugin while they were still preclearing, then the drive failed again, so I thought I better cancel and start again because maybe the plugin was in memory still. Restarted the server and the icon disappeared, but thanks, now I can find it under tools!
  4. Hello. So I have four 4TB drives preclearing right now. They are used drives that I intend to use for a backup server, so not a huge deal as I got them for $50. One of the four keeps failing around 90% or so. It gives me a "dd process hung at ###" then kills the process according to the logs. Is the drive bad? The reseller wiped the SMART data so I don't know much about the overall health of the drive. Also; I ended up canceling the preclear for the other three drives after they had finished one cycle. Now I can't preclear them because the ic
  5. Jeez. I'm glad I didn't end up ordering that High Point adapter with the PLX chip. That thing costs $300. It will be a few days before I can confirm that it works with my motherboard, as I'm preclearing four drives right now.
  6. Just came across this thread as I'm looking to do some NVMe caching at some point here and don't want to use up multiple PCI-E slots. Are you saying that you mod the BIOS first, then you upgrade to the official 3.4 BIOS? Or does the official unmodded 3.4 BIOS allow PCI-E bifurcation? I have a X9DR3-F which is different than yours I think, not that I think it matters in this case.
  7. Thanks for looking at my post. Are there any instructions for changing the servers via the Wireguard settings for PIA? I've yet to find a guide for setting it up.
  8. Ugh, started the container up today, and now things are downloading. I didn't make any changes.
  9. So, a few months ago I set up DelugeVPN with PIA's wireguard and it worked. I haven't downloaded anything since then, but now nothing is downloading. I can access the webUI just fine, I've tried it with port forwarding on and off, but downloads just sit at "downloading." I cannot find a guide on how to set Wireguard up in the container and unfortunately I can't remember how I did it if the first time. There's a wg0.conf (/appdata/binhex-delugevpn/wireguard/wg0.conf) file that I believe needs to be edited, but I don't know what I should be putting there. Any he
  10. Looks like the slave shuts down first in this scenario. Takes about 30 seconds for the second server, and longer for Unraid... maybe because it's running more dockers and other things. That command initiated a countdown after the load was off the UPS, I think it was an additional 10 seconds.
  11. Wow, that's cool, that worked! Shut down my Unraid server and my Proxmox server.
  12. Thank you for this plugin. It's been working great for my Unraid server for a couple years now. But now, I'm expanding my homelab, and have another server. I've installed NUT in Proxmox, and think I've confirmed that it can communicate with Unraid. However, I'm having some difficulty testing the UPS. Granted, I could just unplug the UPS to see if it shuts down both the Unraid and Proxmox server, but the outlet is in a difficult to get to place, and it would be nice to be able to test with the Terminal now and in the future. I set NUT to shut down the serv
  13. So, maybe for a week port forwarding on Switzerland wasn't working, but yesterday it started working again and I have an IP address.
  14. Last week I had a bit of a miniature crisis with my Unraid server that required me to rebuild the USB boot device that Unraid uses. Fortunately all I had to do was pull up a backup to find the disk assignments, but it was scary to say the least. The background is that I have a 1TB SSD that is SMB shared with the Unassigned Devices plugin. On this drive is a Steam library. So there I was playing a Steam game over a 10GBe connection, and the gaming computer crashed. No big deal right? Wrong. I got the gaming computer back up and then I noticed odd behavior on the Unr