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  1. Using Cloudflare is a great idea since they offer restriction rules such as GeoIP filtering and some exploit protection. It's still not a good idea to expose services directly to the Internet, pointing your port forwards at a reverse proxy container like traefik will also require attackers to know the DNS before they can do anything and effectively hides services from appearing in port scan directories (someone searching specifically for emby servers to exploit will have a harder time finding it) . For anything not web-based VPN with private key authentication is the on
  2. This happens outside of unraid too, Windows in particular tries to enumerate each file in the folder. Unless you only ever access the folder programatically the solution is to not store 1000 files in a folder.
  3. As long as it doesn't reintroduce the sqlite issue
  4. New user (trial install) with a single disk, using plex-unRAID container with default appdata location. DB corrupted within the first few hours of usage while media was being added by Plex.