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  1. Yeah, I think replacing Parity now is going to be the best option given it'll give me 2Tb straight away, though now I'm wondering if I should find the extra for a 10TB Parity as that'll let me go to 30TB, which should last me a long long time.
  2. Hmmmm, that is a good point. Not really sure how I missed the option to reuse the Parity Drive!
  3. Latest version of UnRAID, 4Tb Parity drive, 4Tb, 3Tb and 2TB array drives. No room for more drives and running out of space. I'm limited to 3 x 4TB Array by the size of Parity and replacing a 2Tb and a 3Tb drive with 2 x 4TB drives is an expensive way to get an extra 3TB. So long-term I need to replace Parity with an 8TB drive to allow for a 3 x 8TB Array. I can't afford to replace Parity and an Array drive now, so wondered if the best option was to swap the 2TB drive for an 8TB drive, but run it at 4TB, then later do the 3TB drive the same, then replace Parity and g
  4. OK, I'm getting somewhere. It looks like there are two things; a permissions issue with a MS SQL Server docker - it needs to be reinstalled anyway, so I won't bother fixing that. The other thing is a Plex docker and Lidarr docker that contain 10,000s of files. Everything else in there has moved, but been left on the cache drive. It looks like I can manually move the large dockers, so I think I'm OK. They're also fairly simple to reinstall, though I should probably clear out a load of MP3s as it takes weeks for Lidarr to rebuild it's library!
  5. Thanks, I'm looking through the App Data files to see what's not moving and it looks like the duplicates thing might be the problem. I changed the settings a while ago to move the whole lot off the array. but there's files still left on one of the array disks. I'm going to work through them all and see if I can convince it to move by removing the duplicates. The two that don't have duplicates though are Plex and Lidarr, both are large dockers with 10s of thousands of files.
  6. Thanks, I've attached the diagnostics stuff - I didn't know that was there. I figured it might stop me moving App Data manually, but wasn't sure if it was a waste of time as I don't know if Docker will still know where it is if it's moved. I suppose it'll still see it thinking about it.
  7. I'm trying to clear my cache drive so I can swap it for a bigger one, by following the instructions here; I've got as far as manually invoking the mover, I've run it several times actually. I set it going this morning, it's just finished some 6 hours later. It started off with 77.8Gb free, it now has 77.9Gb free. What is not moving is my AppData folder. I've stopped all the Dockers and turned Docker off as in the instructions and set use Chace Drive to Yes for that share. Can anyone offer any ideas? Can I man
  8. A couple of days ago my PLex Server stopped working. I've just got round to looking at why and realised that most of my Docker containers are not started and won't start. I have 9 in total, MS SQL Server 2019 and binhex-sonarr are running, but the other 7 are stopped. They all say Version is not available, but I can't see anything obviously wrong and certainly nothing was changed setup-wise recently that might have caused this. Does anyone have any pointers to get me looking in the right place for a fix? Thanks Edit - The two dockers that are
  9. I ran the xfs_repair under Check Filesystem Status and got this: Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... writing modified primary superblock Primary superblock bad after phase 1! Exiting now. Not sure what that means?
  10. Just to follow up on this, I decided to to get another 4Tb drive and rebuild everything with one as a Parity drive and dropped in an SSD as a chance drive. I've just got all the data back on and started to work through setting everything up again. Woke up this morning, no WiFi, no heating, the breaker had tripped on my boiler cupboard where all the IT kit is. Got everything back on but have just spotted that the 4TB drive that isn't the Parity drive is now claiming to have no file system. I took the array offline, restarted in Maintenance Mode and am running the SMART Tests to s
  11. Yes Plex, is that the likely culprit then? I set UnBalance off as soon as it was recommended and it's been checking for issues ever since! I'll look at doing a backup and restore instead.....
  12. Thanks, I meant to ask if there was a way to get UnRaid to sort this for me! Currently at 3m files and 25.8Gb!
  13. I started copying the appdata folder to another disc first thing this morning. 5 hours later it's found 2.4m files and is up to 20.4Gb! The disc I'm copying to is the one with the most free space, but only 22Gb, so this looks like it isn't going to work!
  14. Thanks, that all makes sense and I think I understand what is going on. All the Dockers are using UserShares. I don't have any thing that's irreplaceable on there that isn't backed up. It's just media, I keep photos and documents on Google Drive then back that up to the server, so it's just the backups I have 'at risk'. I also backup to a local computer that is in a separate workshop building, so I'm not too worried about losing data. The server is quite old, so my plan is to keep it ticking over for a little bit longer then buy a new one next time I need more capac
  15. Actually, I looked a bit further and it looks like all the files are on the drive I want to swap out! Typical! I don't really want to reset everything up if I can help it as I don't really know what I'm dong and it took me ages to get it all working! Can I back everything up so that I can restore it all once I've swapped the disc, or is there stuff that just won't work?
  16. Thanks, that's useful. Do you know what the Docker stuff is then? I've had a quick look and I can't see any folders that were modified recently and all the folders I drilled into are empty. I've not checked everything yet though. I'm wondering if I should unmount one of the discs and see if anything breaks.
  17. Sorry, I know I have this setup wrong, but I'm currently running with no Parity disc or RAID, so the discs aren't backed up anywhere. I'm going to sort that out in time, but that's something for further down the line. I should have added that to my question!
  18. I need more server space, so I'm adding a 4Gb disc. My server has 5 slots for discs, but there's 5 discs in there already, I want to copy content from one of the 500Gb discs to a local machine, swap the disc, then copy the data back. All of my discs contain an app data folder, that relates to dockers - is this just being backed up across all the discs, or are the dockers tied to particular discs? Is there anything stopping me from just moving the data off, swapping the discs and moving it back? What else might I break? Thanks!