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  1. My USB Flash drive died and i went to replace it following the instructions. The new USB Flash Drive came up fine but when i went to have unraid send me a new key I forgot that my dang email server is a VM on the same Unraid machine...... So i can't get my Email. I've tried 2 different USB Flash drives including a brand new one i bought just a few minutes ago and tried to have unraid email the key to a different email address (a gmail one) but no matter what usb drive i use it says that UID has been black listed. I'm completely down, is there any way to spin up the array and vm's
  2. 128gb, the more i become comfortable with Unraid the more VM's i'll have running.
  3. 150TB plus 14tb parity although i'm slowly replacing all the 8tb drives.
  4. awesome, thanks for the info hoopster! I have a p2000 for plex, i'm hoping to have a vm that i can use locally as a daily driver i believe its called.. a local workstation basically. but haven't been able to use the i9's gpu yet in vm's successfully. hopefully it'll do it with 5.3.6's linux kernel.
  5. Does this build support 9th Gen Intel iGPU's? I am new to unraid and have an Intel i9-9900k CPU that as i understand it unraid doesn't support its iGPU yet for docker or vm passthrough.