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  1. According to the dockerhub page there is literally only a single listed known issue: "Saving and restoring settings backup via the BlueIris interface does not work!"
  2. +1 on this. I'd love to understand even at a high level the performance and resource usage comparison between the two.
  3. I'm hitting the same issue that alael is using the default settings. As soon as the docker starts it hits this and fails out. I followed the guide video to make sure I removed the old version, etc before trying to install and run the latest so not sure what would be going wrong. Edit: It appears that switching to method 2 for downloading in the template does not have this error but instead the logs seem to indicate the download never completes. When I open the macinabox_Big Sur.log file I see I am going to download BigSur recovery media. Please be poatient! . . Product ID 00
  4. [Solved] Unfortunately I tried many many things and don't know what specifically brought it back online but all good now. Yesterday we had an internet outage (not actually sure what went wrong but basically unplugged and replugged everything and it started working again) and for whatever reason every device in my home is back online just fine except for the unraid box which keeps pulling a 169.254.x.x IP which, from my research so far, seems to indicate it failed to get a proper DHCP lease. In addition to not being a correct IP from my DHCP server I also can't connect to this IP fr
  5. Update on my issue: It does appear the setting is no longer available on the edit VM page but it can be changed. You need to do it from the VM list. Click on the name of the VM in the list and it will expand to show more details. From this additional details is where you can edit the vdisk size.
  6. I've got the same issue on 6.8.3. Did we lose the ability to change vdisk size with the 6.8 upgrade?
  7. Thats the other option I've actually landed at in the meantime. I set everything to hidden and then mapped the specific directories on each device. It's not ideal but its livable at least until I find a way to do what I was hoping (if it is even possible).
  8. I've read many forum posts and articles about this but can't seem to get things to behave the way I'm hoping. Perhaps someone here can help me figure out if this is possible. Today I have a set of shares similar to the following: /personal-andrew /personal-christina /photos /music What I want to happen is when andrew connects with his user he sees #1, #3 and #4. When christina connects she sees #2, #3 and #4. Is there a way to achieve this? So far the closest I have been able to get is setting all of the shares to Export=Yes
  9. I love the unRaids pool configuration gives me total flexibility. I can set it to just handle everything for me and abstract away the complexity or I can slide and dice how my files are managed across drives and folder hierarchy. It allows someone to easily begin using the platform and then grow into more advanced management when they feel confident. In the future I would love to be able to include SSDs as part of the pool allowing me to configure certain shares to live on fast SSDs vs the rest being on spinning disks. Cache drives eliminate the need for some of this but would be c
  10. That's what I was thinking but the securityshare was created manually by me via the unRaid wen UI. If I exposed the share to a docker is it possible that the docker could have changed the permission on the share itself? or can it only change the things inside of it? Either way good to know about the Docker Safe New Perms. I have Fix Common problems but hadn't looked there to be honest. In my particular scenario it is a problem as I was attempting to have my "security" share available to a windows VM to write security cam recordings to so write access is pretty important
  11. This week I was toying around and noticed an issue with permissions that I haven't been able to figure out. I have a handful of shares that are all set up as Export=Yes Security=Private and I have granted one of my users Read/Write permissions to the share. I was then trying to mount some of the shares on a windows box and realized that one of the shares was in read-only mode for some reason. I could access the files but not create anything new and strangely all of the other shares worked fine. After doing a little digging I noticed the following: For whatever reason m