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  1. I updated my Unraid to Version: 6.10.0-rc2 and can no longer find this listed in the Community Applications. I had this working perfectly prior to updated now I don't see it listed at all. Thoughts?
  2. Anyone having issues with the blacklist and whitelist not working in v5.0? Lets say I add a domain to my blacklist "" for example. No matter what device I use the site isn't blocked. So I tried other sites on the blacklist and it doesn't look like its working. I can see them listed on the blacklist, I did an update for gravitar, but still no change. Thoughts?
  3. This brought my whitelist and blacklist back. You sir are a genius and a god :-) Working with 'latest' on v5.0. Thank you big time!!!
  4. In Unraid in the top right corner hit "Terminal" and type in chmod -R 777 /mnt/user/appdata/pihole Then pihole webpage automatically refreshes and logs out. Then once you log in things are all set.
  5. Reverted back to v.4.3.5 and after the permission fix it works but the whitelist and blacklist still doesnt work. Hopefully someone can help us.
  6. Update: Even after I fixed the issue, it just came back on Version 4.4, I am getting the permission denied for the same folder. Hmmmmm... Error There was a problem applying your settings. Debugging information: PHP error (2): parse_ini_file(/etc/pihole/setupVars.conf): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/html/admin/settings.php:11
  7. No solution yet. Im back to v4.4 because at least it works. But the whitelist shows blank and so does the blacklist, and I can't update to v5.0 without the permissions error. I wonder if everyone is having this issue or if anyone has found a solution and running v5.0? I have tried multiple new installs and permissions changes.
  8. I started getting this error today out of no where. I was able to deduce the following things: 1.) My Pihole was set to "latest" and updated to v5.0 which immediately started causing this 2.) When I revert back to v4.4 I was still getting the issue but able to resolve it by the following: - Going to the unraid command and entering: chmod -R 777 /mnt/user/appdata/pihole 3.) The same solution does not work on v5.0 I tried multiple new installations and can not get past it. My v.4.4 is working but with some issues. My whitelist and blacklist is now currently empty. I can add something to the whitelist and it says successful but it stays blank. If I try to enter the same domain I get an error that the address is already added. Other than that things are working as normal. Hope this helps, hopefully someone can solve for v5.0
  9. I fixed the problem by using the Krusader docker and changing the permissions for "Group" from View to View and Modify and now things are all good. Strange because I haven't made any changes or anything to the folders or docker container previously but everything looks good now.
  10. Has anyone seen this error? I have been running pi-hole with no problems for months, and all of a sudden I am getting this, yet pi-hole still runs properly and is actively filtering. I have made no settings changes, the only change I can think of since I last checked is the Unraid 6.8 official update. Thoughts?
  11. Editing this entire comment. I followed your instructions using the external program to run that single command, put the db file back in the app data folder and bam! Up and running. Thank you so much!!!!! Going to try and upgrade my version back now.
  12. Just updated my unraid docker to the newest version 3.0.4892, and now the Movies search page is blank. TV Shows works fine, but anything below the search box that has "suggestions" and "refine" on the right is blank. Even if you search for something there is no content that comes up. Just started with the update. I am not sure what version i was previously on and don't know how to rollback the docker. Update: Rolled back to 3.0.4880 and still the same thing. Not sure what version I was on before I updated
  13. Finally fixed it. Restarting just the plugin wasn't working, but if you set SSL to No under Settings > Management Access, then I restarted the server. Works now thanks all.
  14. Upgraded to Unraid Version: 6.8.0-rc4 and wanted to check if this was a compatibility issues or my settings. I now click on the unbalance WEBGUI link and get an SSL cert error. I do not have any ssl certs installed and access everything else on the server just fine. I also checked under Setting > Identification to change SSL from auto to possibly no but under Identification I don't have any options other than server name and description. Any ideas?
  15. I did get those after the reboot. I am attaching a picture of the unraid screen. As of right now it just froze again. I plugged a monitor and keyboard in and this is the screen that I have up and can not type anything or run the diagnostics command.
  16. Sorry new to this! Ended up having to reboot using the power button on the supermicro, but would love to know what happened to help prevent it in the future. Again it was between around 14:25 - 14:440, thanks!
  17. I had this happen the other day. On a trial of Unraid, everything was going smoothly and then I can no longer access my Unraid GUI. I looked through the logs, and my assessment is that applications are auto updating and after that it does some "mDNS rejoin" and somehow it loses its connectivity. Also after I lost connectivity to the server, I could still connect to the Docker apps for a bit and then they went down too. Attaching the syslog if anyone could help me I would appreciate it very much! Thank you all. syslog
  18. Same here. Supermicro running unraid 6.7.2 getting coretemp nct7904, and when I first installed last night I saw options in the three drop downs. I selected them and then hit apply and done yet it didn't apply to the footer. Then I refreshed the page and the settings disappeared. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still it detects the driver but I cant get any sensors listed no matter what process I use or hitting rescan.