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  1. It's still been 4 months, but note that RC2 didn't come out until November.
  2. I had the same issue. I moved all the data off the drive in question, removed from array, re-formatted, and then added back to the array. All good now.
  3. Genious! Sound like I have my Windows backup solution now. One other quick question on your unRAID borg backup. How do you have the unassigned drive formatted? Did you just stick with XFS, or use something else for greater compatibility just in case you had to put the disk in another machine as part of a restore?
  4. Ah yes, totally overlooked the write speed. Thanks for pointing that out. Curious on your thinking on this approach as well. Why not back up everything listed above directly to the unassigned drive that serves as your borg backup? Because essentially don't you end up having 4 copies of everything that is backed up to your unRAID "backup" share? Original copy unRAID "backup" share borg funnel backup of "backup" share remote backup Having an additional backup definitely doesn't harm anything (other than space I suppose), but again just curious on your approach as I have a similar set-up. I need to backup an iMac, Macbook, and PC in additional to the various shares on unRAID. I was going to try out Vorta (borg client for macOS). And with that, set up a similar backup schedule that I'll have with your borg container on unRAID. However, rather than back up my mac devices to a backup share on the unRAID array, create multiple borg repos for each "device" (unRAID, Macbook, iMac, etc.) on the unassigned disk. And then of course sync each repo to a remote backup location. Still tying to figure out my PC solution. Does that make sense? Anything I might be missing with this approach or any other thoughts you may have? I appreciate the help.
  5. Why is the repo recommended to be on an unassigned drive? What are the downsides to using a disk in the array that is only used for backups? You then also get the parity protection. Generally curious on this one. Thanks.
  6. Any luck figuring this out? I'm stuck on 6.8.3 for the exact same reason.
  7. Sounds like our use cases are very similar, so glad to hear you're happy with the build. Are you passing through just the one GPU or possibly a 2nd? I'd be looking to pass through two 3080s for some mining myself.
  8. I've been looking to do a similar build using the same Asrock W480 Creator MB with the W-1290P. Aren't you able to use the built-in iGPU to transcode 4K content? That's one of the reasons I've been looking at this CPU along with the ECC support. Also, I'd be looking to passthrough some PCIe devices to a Windows VM. Are you able to share the W480 Creator IOMMU groupings? Overall, how happy are you with the build?
  9. Do you perhaps have bonding enabled under network settings? I have the same board with an extra NIC as well, and am able to stub two of them on 6.8.3 and passthrough to two separate VMs. I tried 6.9 at one point too and didn't have any issue there either.
  10. Once you start the VM, get into the VNC window fast. There's a prompt to "press any key" to get into the Windows installation.
  11. Yeah, I know. I ended up just selling my 2840a card, and swapping it out for a LSI. I sent HighPoint an email, but never heard anything back.
  12. That card doesn't have out-of-tree drivers in the new Linux kernel. According to the New Features Summary... These drivers are omitted: Highpoint RocketRaid r750 (does not build) Highpoint RocketRaid rr3740a (does not build) Tehuti Networks tn40xx (does not build) If you require one of these drivers, please create a Bug Report and we'll spend some time looking for alternatives. Better yet, pester the manufacturer of the controller and get them to update their drivers.
  13. When routing another download client like binhex-sabnzbd through delugevpn, should I be adding both the 8080 and 8090 ports to the ADDITIONAL_PORTS variable and adding the port(s) to access the web UI, or just 8080?...