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  1. Found my problem...I had not set one of the library transcode caches to /temp (hand left as default .) Delete the docker, which cleaned up the docker image (dropping about 20% usage), reinstalled and restarted....all is good! TDARR is filling up my docker container. I had installed TDARR the other day, and everything was running find - transcoding for a couple days. I then had a power outage and after a restart, during parity check, I got a docker image space usage error. I stopped TDARR and the image stopped filling. After the parity check was complete, I restarted TDARR - and more filling. I have attached the TDARR log files. Advice appreciated. TDARR
  2. I have changed a re-seated cables on the one drive I had the issue. Have reset the counters, run a parity check, no issues (an a test of one). Will continue to monitor.
  3. Thanks - check and changed the cable, no increase in the error count. Seems corrected - will monitor. Any way to clear the error count so that is does not keep popping up as an error?
  4. Diagnostics attached. Advice appreciated. SH
  5. I have a question on UDMA CRC error count. I have one drive that the error count increases at every parity check. When I run an extended SMART test (attached), the results return as a "Pass". Should I be concerned? I have pre-cleared unassigned drives I can swap into the array if there is a concern. Thanks in advance. SH
  6. I have a disk with UDMA CRC error count warning. Have run a SMART test which passed. Should I be concerned or just monitor? Thanks in advance. SH.
  7. Extended test attached
  8. Diagnostics and Extended SMART Test Reports attached. Thanks for any guidance. SH
  9. Hello Community, I have read errors on one of my disks. I have attached the SMART report (ran the short version) which shows no errors. Also attached the system log that does show the disk error. 1. Should I be concerned? 2. Actions to take? I am somewhat challenged to put my hands on my server, as I am in the USA and my server is in my house in China (yes, I am a Covid refugee). I am accessing my server using Zero Tier. Thanks for the advice. SH
  10. When I updated to Unraid 6.8.1, it broke binhex-plex. All my dockers restarted cleanly, but this one - got a "Execution Error" dialogue box. Upon restoring to 6.8.0, everything worked fine. I am running transcoding in an Nvidia GPU. Sorry I did not pull log files, as I was short on time. Any thoughts?
  11. I am having issues with Plex not updating the library when new files are added or a manual library scan. I deleted and reinstalled the docker, thinking there was something corrupt there, no difference. I have attached the Plex log and system log. Thanks in advance for the assistance. SH Plex Media
  12. Thanks. I appreciate the quick reply...I am a linux newbie...I am back on the road to file system conversion completion with your assistance
  13. I am in the process of converting my file system from RFS to XFS. The first 3 disks went perfectly - I hit disk four and had an rsync error (as in the attached photo). I am looking for some guidance as to how to correct this issue and keep moving.
  14. Binhex - love your stuff. I have a plex there a way to have plex meta-data scraping through VPN, while the streaming non-VPN. I live in a region that blocks access to theTVDB thus cannot get show metadata. I am running Binhex-deluge with privoxy, bh-SABnzd, Sonar, Radar, etc... If this is not possible, then routing all plex traffic through VPN. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks - SH.
  15. I am not sure what is the issue - below is the error message for the WebIU log . DownloadedEpisodesImportService Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /downloads/complete/<tvshow name> 5:40am Per my physical drive mapping: /mnt/cache/downloads/Downloads/ which is mapped to /data for Sonar and SAB. I have no path named /downloads/complete/ - All my container paths for download data are named /data - nowhere do I have a container named /downloads If I do a manual import via the Sonar WebUI, it maps to /data/complete/ I have no issues. I am not sure why the autoprocessing tries /downloads/complete. SAB saves its files to /data/complete - the files are there. (As a side note, for some reason when using Chrome on a Mac, the Sonar UI never gets beyond the bouncing ball - this is a new phenomenon I have not seen before. Safari has no issue. ) Thanks in advance for the support. SH