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  1. I haven't honestly used it for movies, mostly TV shows. I specifically have three smart-playlists active on my server (Wrestling, Arrow-verse, and Star Trek). Each is first put in a collection, and then filtered by "Unwatched episodes, then sorted by release date". You turn that into a smart-playlist and then when a new episode airs it "should" turn up on the bottom. However, as you can see below my posts underneath your original one. There seems to be an issue with smart-playlists right now I think.
  2. Are you referring to the "smart-playlists" and how they can automatically update when new episodes come out?
  3. Morning Plexers! Weird issue was recently discovered on my server this morning. Plex is not identifying "unplayed" media for me to make a smart-playlist. I have a collection made up of seven shows. When I go back into the main Library and filter it by "Collection", and then by episode; it says "Active Filter has no matches". When I go into Custom Filter, I choose both "Collection" and "Unwatched Episodes", it still shows episodes that have been watched. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Accidently checked-off HTTPS without providing credentials. Now I can't access Web GUI, only android app. There a way to fix that configuration without wiping the whole thing and starting from scratch?
  5. Do you have any VM's associated to your P2000? I know that I had setup a VM first and was able to do a GPU Passthrough before I even installed the Nvidia Plugin and I was getting an SMI-failed error. If you have a VM setup, make sure that the video is on VNC and auto-start off.
  6. I'm sure that I can. Just on a budget right now. The VM is more of a Want vs. Need. I have the P2000 setup to transcode my Plex. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  7. Excellent! Thank you for that! Going back it's confirmed that the GTX 580 will not work on any version. I'm stuck with the P2000. I'll have to find a seperate card to add to do a GPU Passthrough so that I can create a decent computer/gaming rig out of bordem.
  8. Good morning! Is there a list available to show what Nvdia Drivers are associated to each of the Unraid builds? I have an older Nvidia GTX 580 and it isn't supported on 6.7.2 so I may have to roll back. I just don't know how far. Thanks.